3 docu-series to watch after SanPa

The documentary about the San Patrignano community has sparked a major debate in Italy. There are many similar series to watch on streaming: here are which ones.

Out on December 30, 2020, SanPa: Lights and Darkness on San Patrignano is the first docu-series produced by Netflix Italy and set in the recovery community for drug addicts started by Vincenzo Muccioli in the 1970s.

Through videos, photos, interviews and testimonies, the story of the center is told in an objective and raw way, from its foundation in 1978 until 1995, the year of the death of the charismatic founder. In these 15 years SanPa, from a small space in the province of Rimini, founded in Coriano, has become the biggest reference point in Europe for the management of heroin addiction. This is also due to the role of Vincenzo Muccioli, a man described with his lights and shadows, who acted by reaching his discoveries even with harsh and controversial methods. The goal is for each viewer to get his own idea of the story. It is no coincidence that one of the questions that returns during all five episodes is "To do good is it permissible to use any method?". On streaming platforms you can find several similar titles centered on real-life facts and phenomena that have affected society.

Wild Wild Country on Netflix

If your passion for the documentary genre has taken over, after watching SanPa: Lights and Darkness on San Patrignano, you can continue with an equally strong title that tells a real and controversial story, that of the spiritual commune founded and run by Osho who, in the 1980s, moved from India to the Oregon desert, in the heart of the United States. A small conservative American village was invaded by the followers of the holy man who founded from scratch a sort of "city-state" with its own laws and a particular cult made, again, of lights and many shadows.

Just like SanPa, this is an event that has upset an entire community and that has been documented in many ways but about which, at the same time, little is said. Just like Vincenzo Muccioli, Osho was a defining figure in those years and the series makes it clear why.

Wild Wild Country is available on Netflix.

The Innocent Man on Netflix

The crime series arrives on streaming in 2018 and centers on two murders that occurred in the United States in the 1980s. After the release of the TV series that investigates and delves into the cases, one of the main accused, Karl Fontenot was released from prison after more than 30 years. The series, in fact, has allowed the case to return to the spotlight and be observed from a new point of view.

The documentary tells some elements that do not fit in the investigation: there were many errors of assessment but also non-transparent activities that almost seem to want to hide the truth.

Perfect for those who are fans of crime series and documentaries of the genre, The Innocent Man can always be watched on Netflix.

City of Ghosts on Amazon Prime Video

City of Ghosts is an Amazon Original documentary that traces the story of the group RBSS (Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently) a group of volunteer reporters who decided to report firsthand on the horrors created by the war in Syria.

The documentary follows the journalists and reports on important videos and testimonies from the war zone. The group received so many threats that they had to take refuge in Turkey and Germany, but still retained the material they needed to show the world what the term "war" really means and the reality of a part of the world on its knees.

The City of Ghosts is available on Amazon Prime Video.