Samsung One UI 3.0 with Android 11 is ready: here’s what’s new

Nearly three months ago, Samsung announced its new One UI 3.0 GUI based on Android 11 and, in all this time, showed only three public betas. Now, however, the Korean manufacturer is ready to launch the final version: this is confirmed by the fact that Samsung has published images of the new One UI on its official website. In the same site Samsung says that the distribution of One UI will begin this month.

One UI 3.0, in addition to being based on the latest version of Google's Android operating system, the 11, brings with it many other innovations both in the graphical interface itself and in the features offered to users. For example, the new One UI introduces improvements in Samsung Knox (the manufacturer-specific features dedicated to smartphone security), Smart Switch (the utility for transferring data from one phone to another) and Flex Mode (which is a specific feature of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip foldable smartphone). In addition, thanks to One UI 3.0, owners of Samsung devices will be able to enjoy many of the new features introduced by the new Android.

Samsung One UI 3.0: the main new features

With the One UI 3.0 comes a new GUI for Quick Settings and notifications become more convenient to read and browse. There's also a new widgeto that incorporates the media player (we can choose which one). The Dynamic Lock Screen feature now retrieves wallpapers from up to 10 categories. Overall, then, thanks to One UI 3.0 Samsung smartphones become more comfortable to use and beautiful to look at.

There will then be specific features for Samsung foldables, such as the Galaxy Fold, the Z Fold2 and the Z Flip, aimed at better managing multitasking on multiple screens, optimizing the space available. The external screen of the Galaxy Z Fold2, for example, can be used for "Dual Preview": the image taken by the main camera becomes visible to the subject framed, who can then pose.

Which Samsung smartphones will receive One UI 3.0

The first Samsung smartphones to receive One UI 3.0 will be those of the Galaxy S20 series, followed by the Note 20. Then it will be the turn of the Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Z Fold 2. Subsequently, the update will gradually be available for the senpre lower smartphones and tablets.

The release of the new interface will start within this month and it is plausible that all Galaxy S20 and Note 20 will receive it already before Christmas. By spring, the One UI 3.0 rollout should be finished.