Samsung revolutionizes smartwatch: patented external gestures

Samsung is thinking of ways to make the user interface of its SmartWatches simpler, more intuitive and immediate by patenting new "moves"

Samsung continues to invest in the smartwatch sector that, to become even more attractive to the general public, must become increasingly simple and immediate to use. At the same time, however, must also allow you to develop new features that need, of course, also the new gestures.

It is not immediate to interpret from some drawings filed as patents what will be the new gestures of the near future of smartwatches from Samsung, but at first glance the ideas seem not lacking in the Korean giant. So, at first glance, a key role will play just the touch-sensitive dial that, like the current smartphone screens will react to a single touch, or a double touch, at certain points, as well as to the touches, or perhaps to some shuffle. But it looks like the strap isn't just there to keep the watch on your wrist either, and it too - again, taking a look at the deposited sketches - will help increase gestural communication with the user.

New Samsung smartwatch gestures

It seems, too, that there will be gestures possible even when the SmartWatch is not on the wrist, such as twisting (flipping the device over) or shaking (shaking it), gestures that are already present up on Motorola's twist-to-wake camera and the flashlight that is activated with a tap. Samsung's new smartwatch gestures, however, go much further than that: by moving the watch face to one side or the other, in fact, it will be possible to access new screens or quickly launch new features. For this to be possible, however, it seems almost taken for granted that the next Samsung smartwatches must be equipped with a double strap: the first is the "mobile part" of the system, while the second has the task of recording the movements of the first and thus activate the functionality related to gestures.

New wearables for new gestures

There is no shortage of patents for new wearable devices featuring innovative gestures. Among the images leaked by the U.S. patent office stands a sort of necklace (not closed, however) that can be used as a joystick: moving the ends in one direction or another will have a similar "response" within a video game or a virtual world created by a VR visor.

The wrist smartphone

There is also a wearable halfway between a smartphone and a smartwatch: composed of many mini-segments covered by a flexible touch display, it can be used both when it is "lying down" and when worn on the wrist. In short, a hybrid that, should it ever be realized, is destined to attract the attention of critics and the public alike.