Satispay rilancia il cashback: bonus 150 € con il codice promo

Finito un cashback ne arriva subito un altro: Satispay annuncia il Wellcome Cashback con rimborso fino a 150 euro in sei mesi, ecco come funziona e chi può partecipare.


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Millions of Italians have participated in the Cashless Italia program and, in particular, in the first semester of the State Cashback: according to data published by app IO as many as 7.9 million users have made valid transactions and 6.1 million will receive the €150 refund by November 30, 2021.

The Draghi government, however, as is now known, has decided to suspend the second semester of the State Cashback, which was to begin on July 1. The alternative, however, is already ready: Satispay has announced its own version of cashback, called Wellcome Cashback because it is reserved for new members, with different rules but with the same refund: 150 euros per semester. The new rules of Satispay's cashback, in many ways, correct the distortions that emerged in the six months of "practice" of the State Cashback and, above all, do not provide any final Super Cashback for those who have made more transactions and, in fact, eliminate the most controversial part of the Italy Cashless plan.

Wellcome Cashback Satispay: how it works

Satispay's Cashback is reserved for new members from July 1 to 31, just sign up using the promo code CashBack. The refund for each transaction made with Satispay is 10%, but up to a maximum of 2 euros.

Those who pay more than 20 euros with Satispay, therefore, will still receive no more than 2 euros of cashback. And that's not all: the maximum cashback will be 25 euros per month, so to get the 150 euros you will have to reach the ceiling of 25 euros for the whole six months of the initiative, which ends on December 31, 2021.

In practical terms: to get the 150 euros of Satispay cashback you will need no less than 13 transactions per month, for six consecutive months, for a total of at least 78 transactions in total. This means that low-value but frequent and constant transactions will be rewarded.

Wellcome Cashback Satispay: enabled stores

The refunds will be assigned only for payments made in physical stores affiliated with Satispay present on the Italian territory. Paying with Satispay in stores, street vendors, freelancers is free if the amount does not exceed 10 euros, otherwise a commission of 20 cents is applied.

Satispay users can view the list of affiliated stores in their area by simply opening the service's app. Payments made at vending machines and online purchases are not covered by Satispay's Wellcome Cashback.