Cashback, time’s up: Super Cashback ranking coming

The Cashback program is in a phase of "limbo": the time for refunds up to 150 euros is over, it's not yet time for those from 1500 euros, but when will the final ranking arrive?

There is no more time for complaints, but there is still to wait for the ranking. With these few words we can describe the current situation on the State Cashback front: the first semester officially closed on June 30, the ordinary Cashback refunds have arrived, now we're waiting for the Super Cashback ranking and the related 1,500 euro refunds.

Final ranking, since the provisional one is already visible since June 30 through the IO app but, we repeat, it is not necessarily the final one. We are in fact in a transitional phase, a sort of limbo for thousands of "cashbackers" who in recent months have done everything and anything to accumulate valid transactions and climb the rankings in order to be among the first 100,000 eligible for Super Cashback. A climb that, at times, has also taken place with methods not very "refined" such as bursts of micro gasoline supplies or other microtransactions difficult to justify. That's why, at the end of May, the government launched a clampdown on microtransactions, removing quite a few from the accounts of some participants. A drop in the ocean, however, so much so that to see the final ranking we will still need months.

Super Cashback: when does the ranking arrive

The answer to this question is contained in the Decree Law of June 30 last year, through which the Draghi government has reshaped the ways and times of the program of state reimbursements by suspending the second semester of Cashback.

The decree is clear: there is time until November 30 to make reimbursements, based on the final ranking. We will see in the coming weeks what will be the use of all this time, since by now not even the Government can decide to reverse other suspicious transactions: the deadline given to the users of the program to complain, in cases like this, has in fact expired 48 hours ago and it is no longer possible to remove even a swipe, since those who would see it removed could not challenge the move.

Does this mean that the ranking we see today is to be considered final? No, because we still have to process the complaints.

Super Cashback: the complaints issue

Complaints for missed transactions, reversed transactions or transactions recorded with incorrect amount could be made by users to Consap until August 29. Now Consap has 30 days to provide a reasoned response to those who have made complaints, so certainly before the end of September those who have made complaints will not be able to have the certainty of how many valid transactions they have in the IO portfolio.

Then there will be another two months available to make payments, for a total amount of 150 million euros, which is very little compared to the maximum 900 million of expenditure provided for the refunds of ordinary Cashback (the total figure has not yet been made official).

Finally, from December onwards, it will be necessary to decide what to do with the Cashback: the second semester is suspended and many people already take for granted that the program will not start again on January 1, as established by the DL of June 30.