Signal, the secure messaging app tests video calls

Like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, the open source app also introduces video calls. The feature at the moment will only be available on Android

Signal, the secure messaging app made famous thanks to Edward Snowden, introduces a new feature: like WhatsApp and Messenger, the software will allow its users not only to call, send messages, pictures and videos, but also to make video calls.

Although still only available in beta version, the new version of the app is already downloadable from the Google Play Store. Thanks to the new feature, users of the app, which grew especially in 2016, will be able to call each other on video and in total security. Signal will reportedly protect video conversations using exactly the same encryption method employed with other messages. One of the distinctive features of the software is precisely security. According to some cyber security experts, Signal is one of the best applications in terms of privacy protection.

Video calls at the moment only on Android

At the moment, the new feature will only be available, as seen, for users of the green robot, while there is no news on when video calls will also land on devices that run on Apple's operating system. We said that the open source software, developed by Open Whisper Systems and first launched in 2014, is considered among the most secure messaging apps. For example, Electronic Frontier Foundation, an organization that fights for the protection of digital rights, in 2014 included it within its Surveillance Self-Defense, a guide that explains how to defend yourself against surveillance.

Signal, the app that secure that protects your conversations

The peculiarity of this app is that it uses advanced end-to-end encryption systems that are able to make conversations more secure. Among them is the possibility of verifying the trustworthiness of the sender and receiver through the mutual exchange of keys. In this way it becomes more difficult to intercept communications. Signal also, unlike other messaging apps, doesn't even archive conversations.