The apps you need to delete from your smartphone

Some apps worsen smartphone performance or consume too much power. Here are the apps you need to delete now

Apps are the cross and delight of smartphones. Essential because they offer additional services to those on the device, demonic because they consume battery power, waste time and in some cases are even dangerous. Not a day goes by without news about new Android apps that hide adware, special malware that displays misleading advertisements and steals user information.

What to do with apps? Do you have to delete them all from your smartphone? Or is there a way to better manage them? Demonizing apps would be silly. They are a very useful tool when used in the right way. They allow you to monitor your physical activity, speed up communication at work and offer many other functions. Installing too many apps, however, can be dangerous. Especially for the "health of the smartphone": the battery life can worsen, as well as the performance of the device. There are some categories of apps that would be useful to eliminate completely from your smartphone.

Which ones are we talking about? Definitely the apps that take up too much memory on your smartphone. These are mainly video games and social apps that now take up hundreds and hundreds of megabytes without the user noticing. On the same level are the apps that consume the smartphone's battery: in some cases apps can stay active in the background and keep draining the device. Here are all the apps you need to delete immediately in order not to have problems with your smartphone.

The apps that hide viruses

This is a problem that mainly affects Android smartphones, being an open-source operating system and allowing the installation of apps even from third-party stores. In recent months, the number of Android apps containing malware and viruses has increased dramatically. In most cases, this is adware, a particular type of virus that constantly displays misleading advertisements and slows down the smartphone.

Adware is dangerous for several reasons: besides worsening the device's performance, it can steal users' personal information, spy on them and activate unsolicited paid subscriptions. If you notice strange ads appearing on your device's screen, check which apps you have updated or installed in the last period and uninstall them immediately.

Apps that consume too much battery

Smartphone battery life is one of the main problems that manufacturers are trying to solve, but with rather poor results. The problem is the increasingly energy-intensive apps: despite 4000-5000mAh battery, you have to recharge your smartphone every day. Even if we close an app every time we finish using it, in many cases it remains active in the background and continues to consume power. The typical case are messaging and social apps, which remain active to send notifications and alerts.

If you notice that an app consumes a lot of power (you can check it in the Battery panel in Settings), delete it. You're sure to find an alternative app in the App Store and Google Play Store that will consume less power.

Apps that decrease smartphone performance

Is your smartphone slower than usual? Are you unable to launch any apps? Apps may be the culprit. If your storage space is more than 90% occupied, then it means you need to start cleaning up by removing unnecessary or duplicate apps. Just go through the list of apps and check which ones are similar or the ones you haven't used for a long time. Once you delete them, you'll see that your smartphone will become fast again.

Apps that consume too much space

There are some apps that take up a lot of memory space without us noticing. In most cases, these are video games and social apps. In many cases, video games force the user to download additional packages once the app is installed. Packages that can be as large as several hundred megabytes. Case in point. Real Racing 3 or any other driving simulation game.

Another problem are social apps. In recent years, their size has become bigger and bigger due to the new features developed. If you can't do without Facebook (one of the heaviest apps), you can install the Lite version designed for developing countries. Some features are missing, but the main ones are all there.