The Facebook smartwatch will be made, with a notch

An element not at all well seen by most should find a place on the Facebook smartwatch, whose codename is a tribute to an Italian metropolis

The Facebook smartwatch will soon be a reality. This is what emerges from the rumors circulated on the network in recent hours, with the technological object on the wrist that would go to reaffirm the intention of the company of Mark Zuckerberg not to give up the hardware, close to the launch of smart glasses with Ray-Ban.

From the details shared by informants, the Facebook smartwatch looks like a watch elegant and discreet lines, with a display is not circular and not square, rather with the lines all its own that make it look like an original product, different from the products currently on the market. One element, however, could raise the eyebrows of many: Facebook would have thought of a notch to integrate the camera, one of the least popular solutions in recent years. Should it be confirmed, will the notch condition its success or will the choice of Zuckerberg and partners prove to be a winner? Time will tell.

How will the Facebook smartwatch

The journalist Mark Gurman of Bloomberg has shared on the famous newspaper of the preview information on the Facebook smartwatch, which would be codenamed Milan, an unexpected tribute to the Lombard metropolis, the European "home" of fashion. The image of the Facebook smartwatch that in the last few hours has been circulating on the network would have been found by developer Steve Moser within Facebook View, the application dedicated to the latest generation of hardware branded Meta (the new name of the galaxy that until yesterday was simply Facebook), the one that is used for the management of the recent Ray-Ban Stories smart sunglasses of Facebook.

The photo of the Facebook smartwatch would therefore be reliable, and highlights a peculiar element that will probably make someone shudder: the presence of a teardrop-shaped notch on the bottom of the smartwatch, or, to be clear, the one closest to the body of the wearer. A completely unusual choice, since we are used to the notch on the top of the screens, not on the bottom.

The notch will certainly be discussed

But it is perhaps more unusual the choice to resort to a notch in 2021, or rather in 2022 since the timing, as confirmed by the same Gurman, would now be tight for a launch of the Facebook smartwatch in the next two months. Well, the notch that has long depopulated Android smartphones is now a stylistic element "obsolete", replaced by more aesthetically pleasing solutions such as holes inside the display, much more used in recent times to accommodate the camera for selfie in technology products.

After all, it was frankly improbable that a technological and connected object of the Meta galaxy didn't have a camera on board, placed there ready to take whatever happens and share it on Instagram or Facebook, or even to make video calls via Messenger even on the move. Unfortunately, there are still no other details known about the Facebook smartwatch, but we are sure we will be back to talk about it soon.