The five reasons why you should choose Windows 10

Computer security, mixed reality support and battery life optimization are some of the reasons why you should choose Windows 10

Windows 10 has become one of the most widely used operating systems by users. Microsoft's operating system initially divided users, especially on the issue of continuous updates. But there are many reasons to install it on your computer, starting with the increased security compared to previous versions of Windows.

With Windows 10 Microsoft has placed the user at the center of the project. It is perhaps the most intuitive and easy to use operating system ever made by the American company. With Windows 10, for example, it is very easy to transfer your documents and work projects from your smartphone to your computer, also thanks to the use of Microsoft's personal assistant, Cortana. In addition to artificial intelligence there is also the possibility to take advantage of the OneDrive service for cloud storage. In addition, Windows 10 has several features to increase the battery life of your notebook or tablet.


Still Windows Defender can not be compared to the best antivirus on the market, but Microsoft is getting closer to the top of the category with each update. It can't be ruled out that in a few years the Windows 10 security system will be appreciated and praised by everyone. Soon these improvements will involve in the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) program. This will allow scanning incoming documents, periodic device analysis and preventive protection from malware. In addition, it is a program designed to be integrated with Windows Edge to be able to defend users' browsing from the risks of the Net.

Long-lasting batteries

As we have already mentioned, Windows 10 optimizes the average battery life. Major manufacturers such as Lenovo, HP and Asus are collaborating in this sense with Microsoft and the company that makes processors, Qualcomm, to build long-lasting computers, with an autonomy that exceeds 24 hours.

The link with Linux

Microsoft is working to make Windows 10 the operating system preferred by users, without neglecting compatibility with other OS. In this sense, the link with Linux is strong. At the moment Ubuntu and SUSE Linux are already available on the Windows Store, and soon Fedora Linux will also be present.

Mixed Reality

By the end of this year, thanks to HP and Acer, Windows 10 will allow users to take a trip into mixed reality. In fact, the two manufacturers have created special visors designed for Microsoft's mixed reality platform. It is basically a pair of visors, similar to those used in virtual reality, which allow you to process the information on the computer screen with objects and elements in the room where we are. To know exactly how these visors will work we'll still have to wait a few months, but at the moment at the operating system level on mixed reality Microsoft has a big advantage over the competition.