Threads, the Instragram app for sharing only with close friends

Instagram Threads is the app that allows you to communicate and share information only with the most important followers in your circle. Find out how it works

Disclosed in August in test form, it has now officially entered the rollout phase and will soon be officially available in the Android and iOS app stores. We are talking about the new Threads app available for those who have an Instagram account and want to communicate and share photos, Stories and videos, their status, only with their closest friends.

Finally, users of the photo social will be able to have a space designed only for their closest contacts, excluding followers who do not know each other and with whom they do not want to share some personal information. Those who already have a list of "Closest Friends" made on Instagram will be able to use Threads right away, others will have to make this extra step on the big sister app. The new channel is preparing to be a reference point especially for those who have public profiles and count thousands of followers.

Instagram Threads: how to choose your closest friends?

To start using Threads you'll need to associate the app with your Instagram account. As mentioned, on the main app you will have to create a list of "Closest Friends". To do this, just access your Instagram profile and from there tap on the menu (three parallel lines between them) that is located in the upper right corner. In the list of available items there will also be "Closest Friends". By tapping on the inscription it will be possible to select the closest people. After creating your list, you will be able to use Threads to communicate with your chosen friends.

What are the features of Instagram Threads?

One of the main functions of Threads is private messaging, which is widely used on Instagram. Unfortunately, on the main app those from close friends risk getting lost among spam or direct messages sent by unknown followers. With Threads you can receive only those sent by the previously selected circle of Close Friends. Of course, these will also appear in the classic Instagram mail.

Another interesting feature is the ability to make visible the Stories only to a certain circle of people. This possibility is already offered by Instagram, where the Stories available for close friends are surrounded by a green halo, instead of the classic pink one. The difference from the main app is in the speed: on Thread, sharing with close friends is automatic.

But the most interesting feature, which differentiates the two apps, concerns the Status. The feature is clearly inspired by WhatsApp. The app will provide suggestions (such as "studying" or "on the go") or allow you to create one from scratch. You will also be able to activate an automatic Status accompanied by some information, such as the user's location and battery level (as it already happens on Snapchat).

At the moment Threads is in the rollout phase for both iOS and Android. Who knows if its success will come close to its sister May, the Instagram app.