Three card deactivated, message is not a scam

Wind - Three is sending its users a message to regularize their situation. Here's what's happening.

We've often talked about fake SMS messages sent by scammers who disguise themselves as phone operators to try to steal data from users. In jargon they are called phishing messages and there are many users who fall into the traps devised by criminals. This time, however, we talk about a real message that Wind - Three is sending to its users to warn them about the deactivation of their SIM card.

Many have reported the fact on social networks to see if it was a scam. We can tell you with the utmost certainty that the message is authentic and there is no ulterior motive. This is the text of the SMS message that tre is sending to its users: "IMPORTANT NOTICE: Dear Customer, it is necessary to update the data relating to this SIM. We therefore invite you to go to any 3Store, within 15 days from today, with a valid identity document. If you do not respond within the specified time, Wind Tre will have to provide despite the suspension of the service until the regularization. To find the nearest 3Store you can consult the dedicated section of Thanks for your cooperation".

Why Tre is sending a message to users

You should not be alarmed. If you have also received the message from Wind - Tre you must follow exactly the procedure explained in the message. The reason is very simple: Three has found some documentary irregularities on some cards and wants to verify that whoever is using the SIM is the real owner. If not, they will continue the procedure for the deactivation of the card.

What should you do to avoid having your Wind-Three card deactivated? Simple, within 15 days of receiving the message you must go to a 3Store with a valid identity document. If you do not regularize your position, the SIM card will be suspended.

Because it is not a scam message

Usually this type of messages are used to steal personal data of users. Not in this case. Wind - Tre, in fact, does not ask users to send personal documents via WhatsApp or email, but to go directly to a 3Store. In this way, there is no danger that the ID card, passport or driver's license will end up in the wrong hands.