Farewell to Tre and Wind, comes the operators’ confirmation message

Many Wind and Tre customers are receiving a message announcing big news in the coming days. Here's what it is about

The march of approach of Wind-Tre to the merger that will lead to the birth of the new operator W3 (or W-Tre, on the name there are still no great certainties) continues. Customers of the two operators are receiving in these hours a message that warns them that in the coming days there will be big news and it is obvious that the reference is to the launch of the single brand. Launch that as we said in the previous days was supposed to take place on March 6, but most likely will be postponed a few days or weeks.

Wind and Tre were organizing a big event called "The Wow Now" and a press conference in Rome, but because of the Coronavirus and the new rules that advise against organizing meetings and conferences with a large number of people, most likely will be postponed. The operator could opt for a live streaming presentation, solution adopted in these days and in the next months by all hi-tech giants for their events.

Wind-Tre merger: how will be called the new mobile operator

By now we know almost everything about the new mobile operator. The only doubts that remain are the official name (W3 has a big advantage over a hypothetical W-Tre) and the logo. According to some images leaked online, the new brand chosen should merge the two previous logos: a "W" flanked by a number "3", all in orange. To have the official confirmation we have to wait only a few days.

Wind and Tre message to users: what it means

Many Wind and Tre customers in these hours are receiving a rather cryptic SMS: "In a few days we will give life to a new world of news to be much closer to you. Keep following us. See you soon!" What is he referring to? Very simply to the arrival of the single brand that will put under the same logo all Wind and Tre customers.

A very important novelty for the Italian mobile market: an operator with a very high number of customers and able to challenge Tim and Wind on equal terms will be formed.

Fusion Wind - Tre: what changes for users

The merger between Wind and Tre in the new brand W3 will bring with it some very interesting news for users. First of all, an enhanced network that covers 99% of the Italian territory and can ensure excellent speed in both upload and download. In addition, according to some rumors Wind and Tre are ready to announce for March 6 the launch of the 5G Ready network that will allow customers to connect in some Italian cities to the super-fast network.

Another news already announced is the birth of Very Mobile, the low-cost virtual operator of Wind-Tre landed in Italy at the end of February with an all-inclusive offer at 4.99 euros. The objective, not even too veiled, is to subtract market share from Iliad.

As far as offers are concerned, those who are already Wind or Tre customers should not undergo any changes: they will continue to benefit from the same tariff with the same monthly thresholds. Probable the arrival of new offers for new customers who decide to switch to the new operator W3.