What does the hashtag #MeToo mean

Actress Alyssa Milano, star of the TV series Witches, launched the hashtag #MeToo on Twitter to invite women to tell about the abuse they have suffered

In recent days, the world of cinema and the web has been shaken by the rape allegations of several actresses against film producer Harvey Weinstein. On social media, the topic has immediately become trending, so much so that hashtags like #MeToo have jumped to the top of the trending charts.

Me Too. It is a hashtag launched on the Net, and then went viral, by the actress Alyssa Milano, that many in Italy will remember as the protagonist of the TV series Witches. The goal of the actress is to invite all women, and not only those involved in the Weinstein affair, to break the wall of silence about the abuses suffered. Alyssa Milano has been helped in her empowerment campaign also by the other actresses of the series Witches and especially by Rose McGowan, one of the first Hollywood stars to denounce the abuse suffered by film producer Weinstein.

MeToo, the hashtag of denunciation

On Twitter Alyssa Milano to launch her message has decided to accompany the hashtag with a text to raise awareness: "If all women sexually harassed or raped wrote "Me too" as a status, we could give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem". Needless to say, in no time at all, the hashtag became trending around the world and was tweeted by over half a million people. Many Hollywood actors have relaunched the message and many people have told the most difficult experiences related to this sensitive issue. In a short time the hashtag has also reached other social media, such as Facebook and Instagram and now male users to tell the abuse attempted use a new hashtag, #iHave (I did). A sort of mea culpa made by all those in the workplace or in daily life who have asked for sex for career favoritism or any other reason. Campaigns similar to #MeToo have been launched in France (#balancetonporc) and in Italy (#quellavoltache). And in a very short time they immediately became trending on social networks.