What is and how does Firefox Focus work

Firefox has been working on a new web browser, called Focus, that blocks all site trackers, protects user privacy and is very easy to use

In 2016 Firefox created a new, and quite unique, browser for iOS called Focus. After a year of work, the platform is ready to be used on Android mobile devices as well. The browser Focus was made to put the user's privacy at the center of attention.

How does Firefox Focus protect the privacy of Apple and Android users? Simple, it prevents any kind of tracker monitoring on the sites. But that's not all. You can clear your search history with a single tap every time you close a session. It also allows you with simple clicks to enable or disable tracking of various websites. And its graphical interface is very intuitive, so that even a user with no particular knowledge can use it without difficulty. The goal of Firefox was to create a browser that protects privacy but is very easy to use.

How to install and use Firefox Focus

Installing Firefox Focus is very simple. We go to the App Store or Google Play Store from our smartphone, search for the browser and click on Install. At this point to try Focus we just have to click on the icon of the application and launch it. We'll immediately notice that Firefox Focus is characterized by a very minimalist interface. From the central search bar we can enter a URL or carry out a search. Once we enter a site, having a tracker blocking system is slower than a normal browser, we can click in the menu (the three dots in the top right corner) and check how many trackers Focus has blocked. This ensures that we are not being monitored too much during our browsing. At this point we can share the information with contacts, open the same page with Mozilla or pause the blocking. In fact, remember that not all trackers are bad. Many of them only serve to make our browsing more personal.


In the settings we can choose the language or set the privacy controls. And then decide whether to block all trackers or only social and analytic ones, for example. It is not recommended to block the so-called content trackers because many sites may be displayed incorrectly.