What the new MacBook Air will look like and when it arrives

The year 2022 will be the year of the new MacBook Air, a successful model for which a full-bodied aesthetic and technical update is planned, about which much is already known

Apple continues straight on the road of the revolution inaugurated at the end of 2020, when the Cupertino company managed to leave the technological world stunned - a far from simple affair - by presenting the Apple Silicon chips "homemade", of which M1 was the first, surprising, exponent.

We've moved forward recently with M1 Pro and M1 Max chips for the new MacBook Pro, and will move forward in 2022 with the long-awaited update for one of the best-selling products on Apple's price lists, namely MacBook Air. Apple's super lightweight laptop was one of the first to espouse Apple's Silicon M1 revolution, and likewise, it will be one of the first to be equipped with its successor, the Apple Silicon M2.

MacBook Air 2022, the aesthetic novelties

We'll continue to call it MacBook Air until an official communication suggests otherwise, but the first rumors about the Apple's ultra-light laptop see a change of name on the horizon: MacBook Air could be called simply MacBook.

An epochal change, as well as the one planned for the conformation of the machine, which after years of "wedge" structure, with the part towards the user thinner than the hinge area that should give way to a more traditional solution like the one seen on the new MacBook Pro.

The entire frame of the next MacBook Air, therefore, should have the same thickness, however, lower (as the weight) than that of the last "Pro" due to the lack of the active cooling system. From the MacBook Pro instead the next MacBook Air should borrow the notch on the screen, the so-called notch that integrates the camera for video calls and conferences that is said to be the same at 1080p.

MacBook Air should be the laptop more "cheerful" Apple: expected in fact for the frame the pastel colors that distinguish the recent 24-inch iMac with M1 chip.

MacBook Air 2022, the technical news

About the chip, on the next MacBook Air is expected the M2 chip, which will have the unenviable task of raising the ratio between high performance and low power consumption that on the current M1 is still a reference.

Probably to keep the thickness as low as possible, the philosophy well oriented to the future with the sole presence of Thunderbolt / USB-C inputs should also distinguish the next MacBook Air, although on the Pro variant Apple has retraced its steps by reintroducing the inputs that customers have long wanted.

Abandoned the Touch Bar on the latter, Apple would have no intention of introducing it on the next MacBook Air, which will continue to have a traditional keyboard with function keys near the screen of standard size. It will return the MagSafe magnetic charging connector, probably with fast charging about which, however, there is no information yet.

Informed insiders believe that the next MacBook Air will have a screen with mini LED technology, which provides better colors and low power consumption, but without the ProMotion technology of the MacBook Pro that raises the refresh rate up to 120 Hz. It is expected to debut in mid-2022.