WhatsApp, new limit for the duration of videos: what changes

WhatsApp increases to 30 seconds the maximum duration of videos published in the State. Here's what changes for users

Phase 2 also begins for WhatsApp. The messaging app during the lockdown period has introduced some new features in the application, from the new limit of participants for video calls, increased from four up to eight, to the limitation of message forwarding. More or less important changes that have left an indelible imprint on the application. As for other tools introduced during the most acute phase of the pandemic, WhatsApp is slowly retracing its steps.

An example is the 15-second limit for videos posted in the Stories section. Limit introduced in order not to overload too much the line during the lockdown period and allow everyone a proper use of WhatsApp. The limit was initially supposed to be introduced worldwide, but in the end it was imposed only in India, where many publish videos in the Stories. Now comes the news that WhatsApp has decided to remove this limit: from versionĀ 2.20.166 beta of WhatsApp for Android you can again publish videos with a duration of 30 seconds.

WhatsApp, video in the State: here is the new maximum duration

Thirty seconds. This is the new limit imposed by WhatsApp for videos published in the Status section, where users have the possibility to publish videos and images of their daily life that are deleted after 24 hours. Basically the copy of the Instagram Stories brought to the messaging app. For the lockdown, the maximum duration for videos had been decreased to 15 seconds, but now the developers are ready to increase it again up to 30 seconds. The news, as always, has been anticipated by the guys at WaBetaInfo, always very informed about the news concerning WhatsApp.

The new limit is present in version 2.20.166 of WhatsApp beta for Android and slowly will be released for everyone. The update will affect mainly Indian users.

WhatsApp, the other limits introduced in the lockdown

WhatsApp retraces its steps regarding the video duration limit, but will not do the same for all the new features introduced in this last period. If anyone was hoping for an easing regarding the stringent block imposed to limit the forwarding of messages deemed "fake news" will be disappointed. The developers are very happy with the effect that this new tool has had, which in a short time has decreased by over 70% the forwarding of fake news messages. The war on fake news has begun and will continue in the coming months.