Where to find free eBooks in Italian

There are several sites that allow free downloads of eBooks ranging from classics to fantasy sagas through the novelties of young authors

When it comes to free downloads on the Internet many users get defensive: will it be safe and legal? If we own an e-Reader the answer is yes. On the Net, in fact, there are several sites where you can download eBooks legally and without cost. Obviously you can also read these texts on tablets and phones.

There are several reasons why some publishers and several authors release free eBooks. This is mostly in the case of up-and-coming writers who want to try to show off and enthrall a fair number of readers. Sometimes this technique is also used in sagas, especially in fantasy ones. The first chapter is free and if usersĀ appreciate the content they will have to pay to get the subsequent books. Almost all the great classics, however, can be downloaded for free through the Net. Obviously we don't expect to find among the free eBooks the latest bestsellers or even the most anticipated new releases.

Sites for free eBooks

One of the largest virtual libraries currently on the Net is Project Gutenberg. It is a huge catalog of great classics and unpublished works by small authors that was created in 1971. If we are lovers of reading in the original language this is the site for us. Another widely used site is Liberliber. This platform also focuses almost exclusively on the great classics, from epic poems to twentieth century prose. They are all free and many are in ePub format, which is the most popular file type for eBooks. For those looking not only for books but also magazines, weeklies and films, the site to visit is Archive.org. This platform was created with the aim of preserving the collective memory and therefore wants to preserve not only the great classics but also the old stories that appeared in newspapers or magazines. Obviously they are all free since the copyright has already expired.

Amazon and Mondadori

One of the most interesting sites for those who own an e-Reader is definitely Mondadori Store. This portal has a very large section of free titles that you can also browse by category, from mystery to romance to adventure novels. Even on Amazon, in the Store for Kindle, you can find a long list of free classic books and also several new titles by emerging authors or great writers who have decided to release their works freely.


For those who do not want to download only great classics but have a passion for emerging authors there is also another solution. Some publishing houses, especially those recently born or small, use the Feltrinelli, Ibs and Bookrepublic platforms to publish the books of less famous writers for free. The hope in this case is that, without too much expense, an author can establish himself on the market and then try to publish books for a fee.