Why you don’t have to recharge your SIM late: what you risk

If you don't have enough credit to pay for your monthly subscription, you can keep using your smartphone by paying a daily late fee. Here's how it works

Did you forget to top up your SIM credit and the money isn't enough to renew your monthly subscription? You might pay extra costs for your forgetfulness. For several months now, telephone operators have introduced a sort of "fine" for those who forget to top up their smartphone.

This is an extra cost that can be annoying and that many people probably do not even know. If on the day you need to renew your monthly offer you don't have enough money to continue using the offer, Wind, Tim and Vodafone charge an additional fee. We are not talking about a stratospheric amount (0.90 or 0.99 euros per day depending on the operator), but this is information that you should be aware of. To overcome this problem there is a solution: activate the automatic recharge service made available by all operators.

Extra costs TIM

TIM has introduced extra costs for users who forget to recharge the credit and do not have enough money to renew the monthly subscription. If you make calls or surf the Internet after the expiration of the subscription, you pay an extra cost of 0.90 euros for the first day. This cost is also repeated for the following day. In total you spend €1.80 to continue using your TIM card for two days.

Vodafone extra costs

Vodafone has introduced "late fees" to users who do not renew their monthly subscription due to insufficient credit from July 2019. The cost to continue calling and using traffic data is €0.99 for the first day and €0.99 for the second. For a total of 1.98 euros.

Extra costs Wind

Wind has introduced a "late payment" for those who run out of credit in June 2019. From December 2, 2019 there will be a new remodulation that will increase the price to pay if you forget to recharge.

If on the day of the renewal of the monthly subscription you remain without credit, to continue calling and surfing the Internet you will pay 0.99 euros until midnight. If you don't top up the next day, you will be charged another €0.99. This time, however, you can use your SIM card for 48 hours. After these three days, the SIM will remain active only in reception.

How to prevent extra costs of telephone operators

To avoid paying this extra cost you can activate the automatic recharge service provided by all operators. You can do it from your personal area.