Facebook and its team of researchers secret to read your mind

Facebook is working on a device that can scan the human brain, the technology is likely to be presented at the upcoming F8 conference

Facebook wants to spy on our minds. No, it's not the title of a new science fiction book focused on the fear of control in the time of social networks, but a real internal project at Facebook. A group of researchers, in fact, is working on a hardware capable of scanning the human brain.

According to several rumors Facebook has several surprises in store for its F8 conference, dedicated annually to developers. These novelties range from new features for augmented reality to mind-reading solutions. Yes, you read that right. The secretive team working on these projects is led by former Google executive Regina Dugan. The group has also designed a pair of AR glasses. But also a drone and a medical device. But attracting the most attention of all is the discussed hardware to scan the human mind.

How it works

Facebook's interest in this kind of technology is not surprising. More than once Mark Zuckerberg has spoken of his intention to develop a system for telepathy. Now, however, it's all about a prototype neural interface for reading the minds of others. The device could also be used in conjunction with AR glasses. Artificial intelligence reads that we are looking for a restaurant and in augmented reality we will be shown, on the glasses, the nearest establishments. Facebook of course at the moment has not confirmed any of these rumors but meanwhile the anticipation for the next F8, to be held on April 18 and 19, grows steadily.