Will Apple make a 15-inch iPad to challenge Amazon Echo Show 15? What’s the deal

Apple's run-up to Google and Amazon in the smart home arena could lead to a 15-inch iPad. Or could it? Boomberg's Mark Gurman explains

Not having achieved the success it hoped for in the smart home arena, it could push Apple to make an innovative device that would combine power, hardware and software, and smart features. So far, the company has not yet been able to develop an alternative solution to Google and Amazon smart speakers and, in practice, for years has not been able to break through the low threshold of 5% market share.

The possibility of transforming one of the most representative tools of the American company in something different has been discussed for some time, just to go to fill this gap. Indeed, iPad could soon adopt a 15-inch display, powerful speakers and cameras, wall-mounting support, as well as improved smart features. However, one has to wonder how much such a product would actually cost and, as a result of that, how competitive it could be against significantly cheaper devices.

15-inch iPad, what's the truth

According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, the need to develop an iPad with a 15-inch display stems from the intention to provide an Echo Show 15-style smart display, enjoying the benefits of a smooth operating system, the App Store and Apple's powerful chipsets.

In fact, it seems that the Cupertino giant hasn't had much success with its HomePods, with Amazon and Google dominating the market unchallenged, thanks in part to more competitive pricing. Such a large iPad would allow for the integration of powerful speakers and introduce many innovative smart home features.

This way, it would certainly become a very viable alternative to competitors' smart speakers, but at a price that is too high to achieve the desired success. Gurman believes it wouldn't make much sense. Moreover, it would require the adoption of a much more advanced voice assistant than the current Siri, which tends to lag a bit behind Alexa and Google Assistant and which, above all, today is far behind when it comes to languages other than English.

ùiPad 15-inch, when would it arrive

Always Gurman reports that, for 2022, Apple would be planning to make two new iPad Pro, 11 and 12.9 inches, equipped with mini-LED displays and enabled for wireless charging (including reverse) via MagSafe. Last June, however, it had stated how the company was working to produce iPads with larger displays in a couple of years. In light of the comments made, it is difficult to assume that they will be smart home tools.

It would be hard to imagine a new 15-inch iPad debuting as early as next year. However, it is not out of the question that such a device could actually make an appearance in 2023.