Netflix arrives on Echo Show devices

Amazon's Echo Show smart displays will offer one more service: users will be able to watch Netflix and browse with Alexa

Big news is coming for those who own one of Amazon's Echo Show smart displays: they will be able to use them to wade through their favorite TV series and movies on Netflix. The new feature arrived on December 23 in Italy, and all you have to do is say "Alexa, open Netflix" to start using it.

Amazon's smart displays are equipped with the Alexa voice assistant and allow you to listen to music, respond to video calls and messages from friends and family, as well as use apps and manage the smart devices in your home simply with your voice. Echo Shows also allow you to watch movies, TV series, listen to the radio, podcasts and audiobooks. Now with the arrival of the deal with Netflix, these devices are proving to be increasingly useful and those who want to buy one can take advantage of the unmissable discounts on 5-inch and 8-inch Echo Show from Amazon's Christmas Deals.

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Netflix comes to Amazon's Echo Show

Users who own a smart display starting December 23 will be able to use it to watch not only Prime Video content, one of the perks of being an Amazon Prime customer, but also the vast catalog offered by streaming platform Netflix.

Simply using your voice, you'll be able to start episodes of Netflix original series, such as The Chess Queen or The Crown. Alexa also enhances the browsing experience, as it allows you to search for movies or TV series to watch, browse the catalog and start playback with voice commands. It will be enough to say "Alexa, show me comedies on Netflix" or "Alexa, watch The Crown on Netflix" to take full advantage of both the streaming service and Amazon's Echo Shows.

Heather Zorn, director of Alexa Entertainment, commented, "Customers tell us they love the convenience of Alexa and the ability to use their voice to browse and control the content they watch on Echo Show and Fire TV. We're excited to add Netflix to our list of content platforms on Echo Show and, in doing so, bring the convenience of Alexa to even more Netflix subscribers."

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Amazon's Echo Show: new video feature

In addition to the arrival of Netflix in the streaming offering for Echo Shows, Amazon is set to launch a new feature to make it easier to find movies and TV series to watch on the smart display. It's a new video home page that provides personalized recommendations to users.

Also in this case, Amazon is banking on the voice assistant: just say "Alexa, open the video home" to access the new pages, with details about the content to facilitate the user's choice.

Amazon's Echo Shows come in three versions with 5-, 8- and 10-inch displays, built-in stereo sound and a microphone, so you can use them both for entertainment and to be able to make calls, video calls or send messages.

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