Windows 10 simplifies video calls with Meet Now

The feature is inspired by Zoom and Google Meet. No account will be required to participate in video calls on Windows. Here are the details

Microsoft is testing a number of new features for Windows 10, including Meet Now. The feature will be integrated within the operating system, will allow users to initiate and participate in free video calls. Access will be done without an account by clicking the appropriate icon in the taskbar.

Currently in the testing phase, the new feature is included in the build 20211 recently released by the company to beta testers. Until now, to hold online meetings with Windows, it was necessary to use Skype or third-party apps, which required an account subscription. Now, for the first time, the system will integrate an exclusive solution designed to make access to calls immediate. With this move, Microsoft intends to satisfy all users who need to make a video call in an easy, free and fast way, without having to waste time in too many steps or having to remember credentials. Let's see what are the features of Meet Now according to the first rumors in circulation.

Meet Now: quick video calls without account

Among the main features of the new functionality, stands out the ability to make quick video calls without the need to subscribe to a Microsoft account. This is a real revolution, because when you want to start the call you'll just have to click on the appropriate icon in the taskbar, choose the recipient and off you go.

To add participants, you'll just have to generate a link and share it with the person in question, who in turn will access it without needing any further subscription. Meet Now will be completely free and immediate, and for this reason many users and experts have already compared it to other systems, including Zoom and Google Meet, which have grown exponentially in recent months, thanks to the spread of smart working, distance learning and other forms of remote communication.

Meet Now for Windows 10: how will it work?

According to some screenshots in circulation, using Meet Now will be really very simple. The images show that you will be able to access the feature by clicking on the camera icon inserted by default in the Windows 10 taskbar. A window will open up with two options: "Create a meeting" will allow you to start a video call, while "Join a meeting" will allow a user to participate by entering the aforementioned link.

At this point, if the user has Skype installed on the computer, that program will open and automatically host the video call, alternatively the call can be managed through the browser, specifically the Microsoft Edge window will open.

For the moment, however, there is no official news related to the integration of Meet Now on the Windows 10 system. It's definitely not something we'll see anytime soon, in fact according to several rumors we'll have to wait a few months to know the final features of the feature.