Zero, Netflix’s new Italian TV series: when it comes out

The first American TV series starring young black Italians arrives on Netflix: here are all the details and when it will be released on streaming

Netflix Italy has announced the start of filming of a new Italian TV series: it's called Zero and it's inspired by the novel by Antonio Dikele Distefano, who also handled the screenplay. Together with him stands Roberto Marchionni, known as Menotti, who has already made himself known for the screenplay of the film Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot.

The series is produced by Fabula Pictures and Red Joint Film and will be distributed by Netflix. The platform shows, once again, interest in Italian productions and brings to the screen a product absolutely new in the Italian market. In fact, it is the first series that has as its protagonists black Italian boys. Episode after episode we will see the adventures of the group of teenagers, in the background the suburbs of Milan. In short, it seems that the series will embrace different genres and can thus speak to a wide and varied audience. In addition to announcing the first take, Netflix has presented the cast to the public online.

New TV series Zero: the plot

As announced by the writer Antonio Dikele Distefano himself in a Youtube video published by the Netflix Italy channel, the TV series Zero takes its cue from the author's book entitled "Non ho mai avuto la mia età". Antonio Dikele Distefano himself participated in the writing of the series, along with Menotti, but also Stefano Voltaggio, Massimo Vavassori, Carolina Cavalli and Lisandro Monaco.

As the writer says in the video, Zero took other paths than the book: "it is the story of a black boy who has a superpower thanks to which he can know the reality of things, relationships and people that is always hidden behind appearances." The boy in question is the protagonist of the series who manages to become invisible and who, thanks to this ability, saves the fate of the Milanese neighborhood from which he wanted to escape. Together with him, episode after episode, we will get to know other characters: Sharif, Inno, Momo, Sara and others.

The writer then announces that this will be the first series in which the protagonists will be black Italian boys. In the video, Distefano hopes that the story will help other kids to emerge and make their voices heard. He concludes by saying that there will be a lot of rap, just to emphasize how the series will tell and speak with the language of the new generations.

Netflix TV series Zero: the cast

The cast is in fact formed by young Italians of the first and second generation. Zero - real name Omar - is played by Giuseppe Dave Seke. Ci saranno poi Haroun Fall (nelle vesti di Sharif), Beatrice Grannò (che sarà Anna), Daniela Scattolin (interpreta Sara), Richard Dylan Magon (Momo), Virgina Diop (Awa), Madior Fall (Inno), Frank Crudele (Sandokan), Alex Van Damme (Thierno), Giordano De Plano (Fumagalli), Livio Kone (Honey) e Miguel Gobbo Diaz (Rico).

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Quando uscirà la serie tv Zero?

Le riprese sono iniziate in questi giorni, perciò il titolo sarà disponibile su Netflix nei primi mesi del 2021. Dietro la cinepresa si alterneranno Paola Randi, Ivan Silvestrini, Margherita Ferri e Mohamed Hossameldin. Si tratta di una serie tv italiana originale Netflix.

Come vedere Zero in streaming

L’uscita su Netflix è quindi attesa entro un anno. To see it, you'll need to be a subscriber to the platform and use one of the many suitable devices, from computer, smart TV to even smartphones and consoles.