3 docu-films to watch if you like rap music

How did the phenomena of the global hip hop scene come about? And how did famous American and Italian rappers achieve success? Here are three streaming contents perfect for those who love rap music.

The life of singers, especially rappers is often comparable to that of a movie: everything starts from a character that from the bottom manages to get to the success, all thanks to his greatest passion. Those who love rap music and its protagonists have at their disposal many docu-films and TV series focused on this topic.

They are available in the famous streaming platforms, from Netflix to Amazon Prime Video. These contents often manage to summarize, scene after scene, an intense existence, made of commitment, desires and enormous difficulties. In addition, the films also allow to better understand the work of one or an artist and all the way he or she has come to success. Watching a content on the subject can also serve as an inspiration to those who want to follow the same path, trying to propose their songs on the music scene. In short, there are really many reasons to watch a show focused on rap music.

Hip Hop Evolution: the TV series on Netflix

We start with a four-season TV series that chronicles the evolution of hip hop in the United States. The show covers a very wide period of time, ranging from the seventies to the nineties, and therefore allows you to know very well the context in which they were born and raised several famous rappers.

Each episode is narrated the world of hip hop through exclusive interviews, snippets of concerts, testimonies of the most important artists of the American scene. They also tell the important feuds of different decades, such as that between Biggie and Pac, but also the rise to success of Eminem, Lil Kim, Timbaland or Missy Elliot.

We are in front of a perfect content for both fans of the musical genre, both for those who are approaching and want to better understand the history of the great rappers who have made history.

Hip Hop Evolution is available on Netflix.

Famous about Sfera Ebbasta on Amazon Prime Video

The second content closely tells the story of one of the most famous rappers - or rather trappers - of the Italian scene: Sfera Ebbasta.

The docufilm landed on Amazon Prime Video on October 27, 2020, gaining considerable public interest. Directed by Pepsy Romanoff, it is shot mainly in America and takes the audience behind the scenes of the life of Sfera, an artist who started from the suburbs of Milan with a dream, that of making music. Today he has about 1.7 billion total streams on music platforms and 4.7 million listens per month on Spotify. The docu-film comes out on the occasion of the new album, called Famoso.

Numero Zero - at the origins of Italian rap on Netflix

The Third Council is a documentary on the Italian rap scene directed by Enrico Bisi. It tells the national scene of the nineties, a particularly lucky moment for this musical genre.

The events are narrated by rapper Ensi, who accompanies the audience between exclusive interviews and testimonies of Italian artists, including Neffa, Tormento, Fabri Fibra, Frankie Hi-Nrg Mc and many others.

Numero Zero - at the origins of Italian rap is currently you can watch streaming on Netflix.