5G auction, which will be the operators in Italy

The auction for the assignment of frequencies to create the 5G network throughout Italy by 2020 has started. What will be the telephone operators

Also in Italy continues the run-up to 5G connection, the new mobile phone technology characterized by superfast Internet connection to navigate much more smoothly than the current 4G.

The attention that 5G has been able to attract in recent months is explained by the impact that this new technology will have in the most disparate sectors. It will not only be used to surf faster from smartphones, but it will influence the development of many other sectors, from commerce to self-driving cars. Strengthened by a higher connection speed and lower transmission times than today (so less latency), 5G will be used to improve the performance of self-driving cars, to implement other applications of Industry 4.0 and encourage the development of remote medicine and robotics. Thanks to these super-connections, it will be much easier to make the latest generation devices interact at their best and get the most out of them.

When will 5G arrive in Italy

It's no coincidence that many governments and multinationals are trying to get there first in the development of this technology. The United States and South Korea want to launch 5G in 2019, a year ahead of the initial deadline set for 2020. And in Italy? In Italy is running an auction set up by the government to assign to the main telephone operators active in our country the frequencies to develop 5G throughout the Peninsula by 2020.

Why Iliad won the 5G auction in Italy

Although we are only at the first phase of the 5G auction in Italy, we already know the name of the first 5G operator in our country: Iliad. The French phone company, in fact, has been able to take advantage of a rule inserted in the announcement of the auction that reserves a portion of 10 Megahertz in the 700 Mhz band to the new phone operators. The band, left free from the television signal following the reorganization provided by the upcoming launch of Digital Terrestrial second generation. is the one that is most tempting to operators in our country for the possibility of developing applications of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. Iliad, with an offer of about 675 million euros, is the first 5G operator in Italy, but will soon be joined by other competitors.

5G Operators Italy, the situation

At the first auction base for 5G frequencies in Italy were admitted seven operators: Telecom, Vodafone, Wind-Tre, Fastweb, Linkem, Open Fiber and Iliad. Operators that, at the moment, have become five as Linkem and Open Fiber have not submitted any offer for the development of their own 5G technology. Iliad, as mentioned, is entitled to a slice of the 700 MHz band, on which Tim and Vodafone are also betting heavily. And it is difficult that, given the economic possibility compared to competitors, do not get it. If one of the two had to remain excluded it would be a coup de théâtre.

TIM to protect itself has however already deposited a formal offer from 80 million euros for one of the lots of the band 3,6 - 3,8 Ghz. While Wind-Tre and Fastweb seem to be interested in the lots of the 26 Ghz band. On September 13 from 11 am will begin the relaunches to the initial offers and will outline the frequencies for the various operators to develop their own 5G connection by 2020.