A casa tutti bene: where to watch Gabriele Muccino’s first series

Gabriele Muccino commits to his first TV series: what it's about, when it arrives and where to watch A casa tutti bene

A new test for director Gabriele Muccino, who presents his first TV series A casa tutti bene: the series, an adaptation of the film of the same name. This for the director winner of the David di Donatello in 2018 is the first project for television and will premiere out of competition at the Rome Film Festival.

The TV series is produced by Sky and Marco Belardi for Lotus Production - a company of Leone Film Group and takes up the stories of the protagonists of the film Alba and Pietro Ristuccia, owners of the restaurant San Pietro in Rome, and their children Carlo, Sara and Paolo. A family drama that in the 8 episodes sees the lives of the characters intertwine, recounting the dynamics of a large family that finds itself coming to terms with a secret from the past. Once again Muccino directs the actors in exploring feelings and moods, with an exceptional cast. In the role of Alba there is the actress Laura Morante and in that of her husband the actor Francesco Acquaroli. The children are played by Francesco Scianna, Silvia D'Amico and Simone Liberati.

A casa tutti bene: di cosa parla

The Muccino's TV series starts from an incipit similar to the one of the homonymous movie: the family as a safe harbor in which to return and find refuge, but that can easily become the main obstacle to one's individual happiness among jealousies, grudges and envies never dormant.

The Ristuccia family have owned the San Pietro restaurant in the Gianicolo area of Rome for 40 years. A renowned restaurant in the capital that is managed by Pietro and Alba, helped by their children Sara and Carlo, together with his new partner Ginevra. The other brother, Paolo, comes back after living in France, after a divorce and professional failures.

An intricate sentimental affair, with Carlo who has a daughter, Luna, and an ex-wife, Elettra, who do not make his relationship with his partner Ginevra serene, never accepted by his family and seen as a home wrecker. Sara, on the other hand, is married to Diego, who is unfaithful to her. Finally, there is Paolo, who returns home and tries to raise his 11-year-old son Giovanni.

The Ristuccia family's life is disrupted by an event: the arrival of the Mariani family, another branch of the family, claims a place in the business with the threat of resurfacing a terrible secret that would have devastating consequences on all of them.

A casa tutti bene: the cast

Muccino has chosen a choral cast full of actors and performers of Italian cinema. In the roles of Alba and Pietro are Laura Morante and Francesco Acquaroli. Their children Carlo, Sara and Paolo are played respectively by Francesco Scianna, Silvia D'Amico and Simone Liberati. Carlo's ex-wife is played by Euridice Axen, his daughter Luna by Sveva Mariani and his new companion Ginevra by Laura Adriani. Diego, Sara's husband, is Antonio Folletto. Maria Mariani, Pietro's sister, is played by Paola Sorgiu, while the children Sandro and Riccardo Mariani are Valerio Aprea and Alessia Moneta. Also in the series is Emma Marrone, who plays Luana, Riccardo's partner.

A casa tutti bene: when and where to see it

A casa tutti bene: the series from director Gabriele Muccino will air on Sky and streaming on NOW Tv starting in December, but the official date has not yet been announced.

In the meantime, the TV series will premiere on October 21 at the Rome Film Festival.