A flower among the reactions: Facebook celebrates Mother’s Day 2017

On the occasion of Mother's Day 2017, Facebook makes available to all its users image stickers and a new temporary reaction: a flower v

Since today morning, Facebook users around the world have found a new reaction to use both for posts and comments: a purple flower. This is not a new advertising stunt, but of the in which Mark Zuckerberg's social network will celebrate Mother's Day 2017.

An important day for all users of the social network par excellence: already last year Facebook hosted over 850 million images and videos with Mother's Day as a theme (in Italy in total the posts were just over a million). For 2017, Facebook has made available to its users some tools to wish a happy Mother's Day to their parent. In addition to the purple flower, in fact, the social platform has other news in store: a colorful postcard to share with your mom and special effects to edit your own images.

What does the purple flower appeared on Facebook mean

A new Reaction dedicated to Mother's Day 2017. The meaning of the purple flower appeared on Facebook is very simple and it is the way "invented by Facebook" to say thank you. When the user will use the reaction with the flower something special will happen. You just have to find out. For the occasion, the social platform has also made other novelties "in time". On Sunday, a postcard will appear on Facebook that each user can share with their mom and personalize with a particularly meaningful image. Instead in the Facebook camera will be added special filters with a floral theme. Instagram Stories will also celebrate Mother's Day with themed stickers and emoticons.