All the hidden sensors on the iPhone: where they are and what they’re for

They're placed around the speakers and allow Apple's devices to perform some important functions. Here's what they are

Smartphones have become irreplaceable. Most people, except for technology geeks, use them without knowing exactly how they work. Have you ever tried to understand, for example, what are those small circles on the front of the iPhone?

The answer is quite simple: they are sensors. And what are they used for? Generally speaking, we can say that they allow the devices produced by Apple to perform a series of functions. The speech is also valid for smartphones developed by other companies. The only differences between the sensors hidden on the devices of the house based in Cupertino and those made by competitors, revolve around the type and location of these elements. Ogni azienda li dispone, infatti, come meglio crede e in base anche alle caratteristiche interne e al design del proprio modello di smartphone. Sugli iPhone 6s e sugli iPhone 7 sono collocati sopra gli speaker.

Il sensore di prossimità

sensori-iphone.jpgFonte foto: Jirapong Manustrong /

I due sensori frontali presenti sull’iPhone

In tutto ci sono due sensori nascosti. Uno è posizionato leggermente più a destra dell’altro ed è anche un po’ più grande. Cominciamo da quest’ultimo. Si tratta del sensore di prossimità ed è molto importante in quanto consente allo schermo dell’iPhone di attivarsi e spegnersi in determinate circostanze. Il sensore in pratica, quando un oggetto è troppo vicino allo smartphone di Apple, blocca il touchscreen e oscura il display. For example, it is very useful when you are making a call, or in case you put the Apple device in your pocket without turning off the display.

The ambient light sensor

Now let's move on to the other sensor, the ambient light sensor, located on the left. Its main function is to automatically change the brightness of the screen according to certain light conditions, so that the display is optimal. So, if there is too much light, the brightness will increase and if, on the other hand, the surroundings are dark, the display will dim slightly.

And on other iPhone models? The hidden sensors are the same, only their location changes. They're arranged, however, all around the speakers.