Amazfit presents its new headphones: they are Pro, but low cost

Official Amazfit Powerbuds Pro, of the true wireless headphones with ANC and some interesting features for those who practice physical activity.

A pair of true wireless headphones with ANC, the active noise cancellation, and with a range of features designed for fitness and physical activity: this is the new hardware announced in recent hours by Amazfit, a company founded by Xiaomi that sells wearables and fitness devices in general.

Objects that have found importance during the pandemic to closed gyms and workouts to be carried out necessarily near home and that perhaps have also acquired more importance today with the reopening and the desire, reborn in many, to think more about themselves with physical activity. The new Amazfit Powerbuds Pro, TWS headphones with active noise cancellation (ANC) and special features for monitoring health and physical activity, also achieve this goal. The Powerbuds Pro of Amazfit are in fact a hybrid between a traditional pair of wireless earphones and a fitness tracker, so they are "Pro" despite the price all in all low in light of the possibilities offered.

Amazfit Powerbuds Pro: technical features

On the design side, the new headphones Amazfit Powerbuds Pro do not marry particularly bold solutions. They are earphones with in-ear design not particularly bulky despite the additional functionality compared to a pair of traditional headphones with which to listen to music, make calls or to hold to the ears while doing sports. And it is precisely during physical activity that the Amazfit Powerbuds Pro have to spend advantages over the competition.

There is the automatic detection of the run: the Powerbuds Pro are able to recognize through the accelerometer and the integrated sensors the moment when you start to get serious and only then, without the wearer having to do anything, start monitoring the run, while with a combination of touches on the touch surface of the earphones you can start measuring the heart rate without having to take the smartphone out of your pocket, important measure in terms of comfort especially when you run outdoors, in winter, and maybe wearing gloves.

Not to mention that the Amazfit Powerbuds Pro integrate a series of features aimed at safeguarding the health of the wearer, such as hearing protection, that is, a warning that starts the moment when it is detected that the listening volume is too high and therefore potentially able to damage the hearing, or as the detection of the angle of sitting of the cervical spine carried out by means of accelerometer, which again provides a warning when you remain seated for an excessive period so that you make some movement of the neck and head.

Then each headset has three microphones deputies to detect environmental noises to separate them from our voice during calls, and still, as anticipated, there is the ANC up to 40 decibels achieved through the combination of passive noise isolation that comes from the conformation in ear and the real noise reduction.

Four modes are provided: indoor for low-noise environments, travel that suppresses typical transfer noise but lets through airport announcements, for example, workout that filters out everything but traffic noise, and finally adaptive mode that adjusts suppression based on what the microphones pick up.

Up to 30 hours autonomy, 9 coming from the earbuds and 21 hours guaranteed instead by the charging case.

Amazfit Powerbuds Pro availability and price

Amazfit Powerbuds Pro are on sale from July 15, 2021 at a list price of 129.90 euros.