Amazon Fresh has arrived in Italy: here’s where and what you can buy

Now you can do your food shopping on Amazon, thanks to the new service Fresh just arrived in Italy: here's what you can buy online.

Amazon Fresh arrives in Italy. This is the Amazon service completely dedicated to food shopping, through which you can receive your order at home - or at the address provided at the time of the request - directly in the day, just a few hours after placing the order.

With over 10,000 different products, from the extensive food department to home care, personal care and pet care, Amazon Fresh allows you to do your shopping without leaving home as well as on the move, directly from Amazon's website at, or through the app as a normal online shopping session. Starting today, you can choose from products of the most popular brands and many proposals from local producers, all choosing a scheduled window of one hour between 8 am and midnight, for a cost of €4.99 for orders over €50. The service is reserved for customers who have already subscribed to the Amazon Prime service.

Try out the new Amazon Fresh service that has just arrived in Italy

Amazon Fresh in Italy, where it is active

In the first instance, the service has been made available exclusively in the area encompassing the City of Milan and neighboring ones, including Cologno Monzese, Rho and Opera. The service is carried out by Amazon Fresh and in partnership with U2 Supermarket. By the end of the year, however, the company has planned an extension of the areas covered by the service, so it will be possible to take advantage of all the possibilities offered by Amazon Fresh in Rome and other cities on the Italian territory.

Amazon Fresh, what you can buy

As you can imagine, the catalog of items on sale is extremely wide. It ranges from baked goods to meat, with local items such as Chianina Scottona from Lombardia Carni and international selections including Black Angus from Carni dal Mondo. In addition to this, there is the fish and the fruit and vegetable section, with a selection dedicated to organic products.

With Amazon Fresh, there is also the choice of pantry food (which was possible to buy with the previous Amazon Pantry), including water, pasta, eggs and canned food, also coming from the territory; there are also various alternatives among the Italian startups, including the Lombard Mycookingbox and the Sicilian Komoosee and Assai, which make available interesting options produced locally by various artisanal realities. Completing the range of proposals are products for personal and home care, as well as everything we need for pets, from food to the care of our pets.

Buy food products on Amazon Fresh

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