Amazon ready to challenge Google: soon a game streaming service

Amazon is working on a game streaming service similar to Google Stadia. Here's what it will be called and how it will work

There's no doubt about it, two days after the official launch of Google Stadia, the new game streaming service, the gaming world has changed forever. And despite some youthful problems, Google has shown the way by showing a new way to play games. But its main competitors are not left to watch: according to some rumors Amazon is already working on the alternative.

Amazon already has some experience in the world of video games, having purchased several years ago the platform Twitch. And it wouldn't miss the infrastructure either, having server farms all over the world. The Seattle-based company has been working on the project for some time now and the release could be set for the first half of next year. The service should be called Amazon Prime Games or Amazon Prime GamingĀ and could be part of the Prime subscription.

Amazon Prime Games: what is

Amazon Prime Games or Amazon Prime Gaming, it is still unclear, but one of these names will be the one deputy to identify the online streaming service dedicated to the world of video games with which Amazon will try to challenge Google Stadia. The revelations come from two unspecified people close to the company of Seattle, who say that the Amazon team is working for some time on this new project.

In Amazon are aware that to win the battle of streaming video games online you have to focus on the quantity, but, above all, on the quality of the games available and that is why the men of the offices of Seattle have begun to contact the most important software house in order to ensure its users a large catalog. Apparently Microsoft has also been contacted by Amazon, which could suggest a collaboration between the two giants.

Amazon Prime Games: how will it work?

The service seems to be in its infancy, still unknown the modalities and characteristics of what will be the answer of the house of Seattle to Google Stadia. For now, the only thing certain is that the new Amazon service dedicated to game streaming will be accessible on the range of Fire TV devices as well as, of course, on devices of other manufacturers.