Android 11 arrives on low-cost smartphones

Many new features in Google's operating system: more focus on privacy, faster speed and many new features coming soon. Here are the details

A few days after the debut of Android 11, Google has announced the arrival of the Go Edition for the new operating system. Android Go Edition, known simply as Android Go, was first introduced in 2018. It is the operating system equivalent to Android but designed for mid-range, low-end and cheaper smartphones.

The Mountain View giant would make improvements over the previous version, namely Android 10 Go Edition. The improvements would be related to security, speed and features. In short, Google seems really interested in making up for lost time - especially due to the Covid-19 health crisis - by launching its new operating system and adapting it to less powerful devices as well. In this way, it will be able to be implemented on any device. But what are the features of Android 11 Go Edition? Let's see them together.

Android 11 for low-cost smartphones: features

First of all, Google is focusing on speed: application launch is 20% faster than the previous edition. In addition, switching from one app to another will be more immediate and won't overload or slow down the hardware.

The second point concerns functionality, a feature so dear to Google. It's no coincidence that in Android 11 you can focus a lot on these elements, for example you can record the screen without resorting to external apps. The novelty was coveted by users, especially because with the iPhone is already possible to do so for several years.

Among the most important features of Android 11 Go Edition stand out those related to messaging. Users will be able to see notifications and manage all chats in one section. Currently, it is possible to preview new messages, but to access the full chat you need to launch each individual application.

Android 11 Go Edition: more privacy control and improved usability

With the new operating system, users will be able to keep an eye on their data: a new feature allows them to control all data shared with other devices. In addition, you can manage all the permissions granted to different apps downloaded to your phone, from microphone use to camera access to geolocation.

If you haven't used an app in a long time, the setting resets and you have to reset it according to your preferences. This way the user has more awareness about the data granted to third-party apps and also what information they share with other devices. Inoltre, Google ha aggiunto un Safe Folder dove inserire tutti i file personali che si vogliono mantenere riservati.

Un altro aspetto, legato all’usabilità, è pensato soprattutto per i telefoni con ampio dislay che ormai occupano la fetta più importante del mercato. L’interfaccia del nuovo sistema operativo è infatti basata su un sistema di gesture che consentono di passare da un’app all’altra senza ritornare ogni volta alla barra di navigazione.

Android 11 Go Edition: quando sarà disponibile
Google ha annunciato che il sistema operativo GO sarà disponibile a partire dal mese prossimo per tutti i device che hanno una RAM fino a 2 GB e questa è una grande novità. Infatti, finora la versione Go del sistema era pensata solo per smartphone con RAM fino a 1 GB. L’azienda però non ha ancora fornito la lista ufficiale di tutti i modelli che supporteranno il sistema operativo.