Apple, goodbye to AirPower: wireless charging put on hold

Have you been waiting for the Apple Airpower wireless charger? It will never see the light of day. Read why the project has been canceled

Apple's AirPower charging is being retired before it's even hit the market. Introduced in 2017 along with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, this device was supposed to allow you to charge several devices at the same time: in one go you could power iPads, iPhones, but also Apple Watch and AirPods.

It wasn't just a simple wireless charging base, but an ambitious project: something that has never been conceived by any company. All that would have been needed was to place or approach the devices on the "platform" and it would have modulated the power according to the needs of each device and the users' needs. Unfortunately, fantasy has surpassed reality: the Cupertino company has in fact decided to cancel the production of the AirPower because it does not meet quality standards. The news was announced by Dan Riccio, the project manager. After several attempts to improve it, Apple's wireless charger has been put in the attic.

Goodbye to the Apple AirPower: all the reasons for its cancellation

The AirPower represented a real bet for Apple. The company built a large research team to develop a technology that would allow the iPhone to be charged wirelessly. However, the company didn't want to limit itself to that, but wanted to establish itself with the best QI-standard app ever designed. However, all attempts have come to an end and Apple has decided to suspend development and production. The announcement of the discontinuation came via email from the project manager. The research dedicated to wireless chargers is still slow, not satisfactory and cannot be compared to a power supply through a traditional charger. There are several reasons for this: often phones and other devices don't charge properly even after hours, or it's enough to move them a few inches away from the sensor to stop charging. At the same time, sometimes it's hard to find the connection so you have to move the device around waiting for it to capture the signal. Even Pete Lou, CEO of the OnePlus company admitted that he is currently not interested in the technology because it does not offer certainty, is unstable and therefore does not meet certain quality standards.

Stop production of Apple wireless charging: how have users reacted?

A few hours after the release of the email, comments from Apple consumers and customers were not long in coming. The general opinion criticizes the company because it was too hasty: it announced the upcoming release of QI wireless charging, without having certainties about the efficiency of the technology. This generated false expectations in customers, who were disappointed. However, the Cupertino company consoles those who were burned: it will be able to appease the discontent of its customers with other innovative projects.