Apple Watch and AirPods Pro: big news coming in 2022

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo took the floor to anticipate to fans some of the novelties presented by Apple during 2022

The year 2022 should be particularly full of novelties for those who carefully watch the Apple world: according to the anticipations of the reliable Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will present, among others, two models of Apple Watch in addition to the "obvious" Series 8, one of which is unreleased, and will manage to make official by the end of the year also the AirPods Pro 2.

To talk about the Apple news coming in 2022 is Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the most reliable informants who deals with the Apple. According to the information in his possession, the year that is coming will be full of news for Apple fans. In addition to the iPhone 14, whose launch is obviously not in doubt, as well as news in the Mac and the possible debut of the rumored (and very expensive) augmented reality viewer, Apple would have in store several news, namely three new Apple Watch and AirPods Pro second generation, of which there has been talk for some time but that, despite the postponements of which they speak, according to Kuo will arrive in 2022.

The three new Apple Watches, one of which is unreleased

Of the three Apple Watch models, one is not in doubt at all: it's Apple Watch Series 8, the classic revision of Apple's smart watch for which the same reasoning made for iPhone applies. The annual appointment of the top of the range Watch, in short, is not and cannot be in doubt, and should arrive with a renewed set of sensors, including those that will allow a non-invasive detection of blood sugar values that have been talked about for months. The Series 8 will be joined by two versions, one of which is unreleased.

The first is Apple Watch SE, which is the slightly less equipped variant of the "Series" that is offered at a more affordable price and that at this point it seems that Apple wants to update every two years, with a life cycle then twice as long as the top of the line Watch. On the new generation of Apple Watch SE, for the moment, nothing is known, but according to Kuo is destined to arrive on the market during 2022.

The second variant of the Apple Watch is unpublished: it will be a "rugged" version, ie reinforced, the top of the range Series 8, designed specifically for those who make the smartwatch a heavy use as extreme sports or that put the smart watch in situations of potential danger. In short, the "rugged" Apple Watch will be far more durable and ready for any scenario than any other Watch ever produced.

AirPods Pro 2 by end of 2022

As for Apple's top-of-the-line wireless earbuds, the AirPods Pro 2, Kuo is aligned with the most recent rumors, namely those that predict a debut of the new generation in late 2022. According to the analyst, the AirPods Pro 2 will arrive with a "significantly updated" chip (the current ones still use Apple's H1 chip) that could be leveraged along with several new sensors for detecting certain health-related parameters.

There's also talk of an aesthetic overhaul that could also retire the "studs" that have characterized the AirPods since launch, in favor of a design more similar to that of the recent Beats Fit Pro.