Oculus Quest, Facebook’s virtual reality visor for video games

Facebook has unveiled the new Oculus Quest, a virtual reality visor designed for video games that will be released in 2019, here's how it works and how much it costs

Now it's official, and it was Mark Zuckerberg himself who gave the news. The long-awaited virtual reality visor  for Facebook video games will hit the market in the spring of 2019. We are talking about the Oculus Quest, which will cost 399 euros.

The standalone VR device will be the first Oculus hardware designed for video games. Facebook has already let it be known that it will mount by default 50 different titles made exclusively for a perfect virtual reality gaming experience. Goodbye then to smartphones and computers, or consoles, to be associated with a visor to start playing video games. With the Oculus Quest we will just buy the device to start playing. Given the costs of smartphones, computers and game consoles, this is an alternative that allows us to save a lot of money if we want to try the experience of video games in virtual reality. The Oculus Quest is able to track your location without external sensors thanks to four wide-angle cameras in the front of the device.

How is the new Facebook VR visor for video games

To manage the Oculus Rift we will have two controllers. In form these joypads will be very different from those seen on Oculus Rift. Despite the different design and adapted to use with video games, the controllers will still have the same scheme of physical buttons already seen on Rift. This also means that it will be easier for developers to convert existing PC games into video games for the Oculus Quest since more or less the playability will be the same thanks to the optimized controllers.

Facebook first introduced the Oculus VR project for video games about two years ago, and called it by the codename Oculus Santa Cruz. At the time, the prototype was exclusively about standalone headsets with location tracking, but over time the company added controllers as well to be able to play even the most complex video games with multiple actions within them at their best.