Apple unveils AirPods 3, 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro and colored HomePod mini

Apple doesn't disappoint expectations and unveils the new MacBook Pro 2021, the new AirPods and the new HomePod mini: so many novelties for professionals, music lovers and those of the smart home

The two novelties most awaited by Apple fans arrived during the Apple Unleashed online event: we are talking about the AirPods 3 and the new MacBook Pro equipped with the new chips, which are not just one (called M1X), as expected, but two (M1 Pro and M1 Max). In addition, but it is a minor novelty, Apple has also presented the new HomePod mini colored.

While for AirPods 3 Apple has basically respected the forecasts, and the rumors that have been chasing for months, with regard to the new MacBook Pro 2021 has gone even beyond the wildest expectations: the new Apple laptops for professionals are literally monstrous. Monstrous are the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, monstrous is the screen, finally excellent is the equipment of ports and, in addition, there is a curiosity that will not please many. Yes, as predicted by rumors, the new MacBook Pro have the notch like the iPhones. While the whole world is moving towards abolishing this awkward camera compartment, even resorting to under-screen cameras, Apple is even making it an iconic element by introducing it in its high (and very high) range of Pro laptops.

New AirPods 3: features and pricing

The new AirPods 3 have a new design, both inside and out, and are compatible with Apple's Space Audio. Based on Apple's H1 chip, they're also compatible with Dolby Atmos and have a pressure sensor like the AirPods Pro.

The new drivers offer cleaner, clearer sound, putting Apple back on track in the market segment it essentially invented but in which, in recent months, it had been overtaken by competitors.

Note the built-in microphone, which is covered by an acoustic mesh for wind protection. Also noteworthy, but only for FaceTime users, is the use of the new AAC-ELD codec that, in practice, makes it sound like the voice is coming from the point on the screen where you see the caller's image.

The autonomy is 6 hours for music playback, 4 hours for calls, 30 hours by adding the case charge. Charging, wireless, is done via MagSafe and in 5 minutes you get an extra 1 hour of battery life.

The new AirPods 3 cost $179 (Italian price is not yet known), can already be pre-ordered and will be available from October 26.

New MacBooks with M1 Pro and M1 Max chips

The real news of the Apple event on October 18, 2021, however, are the new MacBook Pro. Apple had already updated the 13-inch model, equipping it with the M1 chip that was so talked about for its extremely high efficiency in relation to power. Forget M1: next to M1 Pro and M1 Max it looks like a toy.

Both versions of the new MacBook Pro, namely the 14 and the 16 one, can be chosen with both new powerful SoCs. With the M1 Max processor, the MacBook Pro is up to 5 times faster than the previous top-of-the-line model in Final Cut Pro, up to 3 times faster in Cinema 4D, and has up to 1.7 times better performance-to-watt ratio than the M1 chip (light years ahead of older Intel-powered MacBooks).

The display on the new MacBook Pro is Mini-LED, like the latest iPad Pro, and has ProMotion technology: dynamic refresh rate, from 10 Hz to 120 Hz depending on the content being viewed.

The new MacBook Pro can already be pre-ordered with actual availability starting next week. The 14-inch MacBook Pro with M1 Pro chip starts at $1,999, the 16-inch version also with Mi Pro is priced starting at $2,499. Finally, a curiosity: the 16-inch MacBook Pro with the best possible configuration costs $6,099.

New HomePod mini colored

As for the only smart speaker currently in Apple's range, that is HomePod mini, there are two pieces of news: it finally arrives in Italy and it comes in color. There are in fact four, in addition to the classic white, the colors that will soon be available: Space Grey, blue, yellow and orange.

The price is unchanged, which in America remains the same as always: $ 99.