Asus ROG Phone 5: here’s what the new gaming smartphone will look like

Asus launches a new and powerful gaming smartphone: the ROG Phone 5 will have a super battery and a display refresh rate of 144 Hz

The confirmation of its arrival had arrived just before CES 2021 but, with the revelation of the first technical specifications, it becomes increasingly concrete the opportunity to be able to touch the next specimen of the ROG Phone series in a short time. There are already many features that are creating great interest around Asus Rog Phone 5, the new gaming smartphone of the Taiwanese company, making it a worthy heir to its predecessors.

Only recently have appeared on the web some images of what will be the next model of the series dedicated to gamers but, meanwhile, Asus ROG Phone 5 is already making talk about itself through the information revealed by the certifications issued by the Chinese bodies MIIT and TENAA. As shown by the first photos, the one that will be released with the identifier ASUS_I005DA will also be characterized by a graphic detail on the back of the smartphone: it is the logo of the ROG series with Aura Lighting effect, by default made with a dot matrix design but customizable using the software available. The same logo, always in dot-matrix format, had already been introduced in a similar way with the Lightning Armor case dedicated to the Rog Phone 3.

Asus ROG Phone 5, dimensions and screen

According to what is reported in the documentation of the MIIT and TENAA certifications, the new smartphone from Asus will count on generous measures, also dictated by the need to have a large screen for a better gaming experience and less eyestrain. That's why the dimensions of ROG Phone 5 are particularly important, namely 172.834 x 77.252 x 10.29 mm. Obviously, the screen is not to be outdone: it is a 6.78-inch OLED display, with FullHD+ resolution and refresh rate of 144Hz.

Asus ROG Phone 5, technical specifications

From the point of view of the battery, however, the information indicates a 6000mAh accumulator, formed specifically by a dual battery pack of 3000mAh each, rechargeable - according to the 3C certification - even in fast mode at 65W. All features should be guaranteed by the Android operating system in its version 11.

These are not the only information on the new device signed Asus, since last December the website Geekbench had already leaked some important details always from the point of view of the technical equipment. In particular, to put the emphasis on the performance of this smartphone is the SoC, or the long-awaited Qualcomm Snapdragon 888.

And this is added the data on RAM that, for the site, should be available in two different sizes of 8GB and 12 GB. The last piece of information is about the rear camera; on the back of the smartphone there might in fact be a triple module, with a 64MP main sensor.