Asus Zenfone AR, the first smartphone with 8 GB of RAM arrives. Photo

The device of the Taiwanese company thanks also to the Snapdragon 821 processor is compatible with Tango and the Daydream VR platform

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas there is also room for Asus. The Taiwanese company has in fact launched from the CES stage the Asus Zenfone AR, a smartphone designed to work with both virtual and augmented reality.

The Asus device, according to what the company claims, will support Tango, Google's AR platform for mobile devices, and the Daydream VR visor, also produced by the Mountain View-based company. Thanks to the three rear cameras, the Asus Zenfone AR will in fact be able to map the surrounding environment in 3D and create virtual objects with which you can interact. A real novelty in the field of smartphones. The cameras of almost all mobile devices in fact, if you exclude the Phab2 Pro by Lenovo, return only flat images, ie without depth. A limitation that prevents users from taking full advantage of AR/VR technology.

Asus Zenfone AR, 23-megapixel camera

(Taken from YouTube)

The main feature of this device is therefore represented by the TriCam photo system which is composed of a 23-megapixel camera, which can record 4K video, a sensor for tracking motion and one for depth. In this way, the Asus Zenfone AR has all the credentials to integrate with Google's augmented reality technology. The TriCam is not the only novelty that the Taiwanese company has included in its new smartphone. The Asus Zenfone will also be the first mobile device to run with 8 GB of RAM.

Snapdragon 821 and 8Gb of RAM

If the Asus Zenfone manages to support 8 GB of RAM is also thanks to the Snapdragon 821, the powerful processor from Qualcomm. On the other hand, regarding the screen size, the device has a 5.7-inch super AMOLED display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. The device from the Taiwanese company is powered by a 3,300 mAh battery.

Also compatible with the Daydream platform

In addition to augmented reality, the Asus Zenfone AR thanks to the TriCam and internal features will be compatible as seen also with the Google Daydream virtual reality platform, currently only available on the Google Pixel and Motorola Moto Z. As for price and release date yet there is no certain information.

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