Bill Gates’ biggest regret? Ctrl-Alt-Delete

Bill Gates' biggest regret is not thinking of a single button, instead of a combination of three, to perform sudden stops

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates says he has only one regret in life. And that would be Control-Alt-Canc. The wealthy Seattle entrepreneur is sorry for not thinking of making a single key to allow users to perform the same actions they now have to do with the combination of three different buttons.

For those who have never used them, Ctrl-Alt-Delete are three keys found on our keyboard. Depending on the Windows computer we use pressing these buttons together we get an action from our machine. Almost always these are reboots or shutdowns as a result of problems and bugs. Bill Gates confessed this major regret of his to the Bloomberg forum. When David Rubenstein, of the international asset management company Carlyle, asked the U.S. entrepreneur why he chose the combination Control-Alt-Delete to stop a program on Windows he replied that actually the real question is, "how come I didn't think of a single key to perform this function?"

Bill Gates and Ctrl-Alt-Delete

Gates however did not take the blame himself. Much of the choice, not the most comfortable in his view, is the fault of the engineers at IBM who set the input on keyboards at the time. And to tell the truth already in 2013 the entrepreneur asked the developers of the IBM group to rethink the keys useful to perform a sudden stop. In his defense, IBM engineer David Bradley, the one who created Ctrl-Alt-Delete, stated that he made the three keys only for IBM PCs but then it was Gates who made this key combination famous by adopting it on Windows systems. It should be remembered, in fact, that initially it was an exclusive function of the BIOS while Windows turned it into an advanced mode.