How to delete Alexa voice searches

Do you want to delete Alexa voice searches? Now with Amazon Echo you can delete all traces of voice commands. Here's how to do it

Alexa is among the most popular voice digital assistants in the world. The Amazon assistant, in fact, has managed to gain a considerable advantage over direct rivals and, thanks to the support of hundreds of third-party developers, is the flagship of Amazon Echo, the family of smart speakers of the e-commerce giant.

Whether it's the weather forecast, the "summary" of the day with the appointments and meetings in the calendar, information about a business or a public figure, it doesn't matter. Alexa, in fact, is able to respond to every request that is made. However, all Alexa's voice searches are stored in Amazon's servers, freely accessible to Amazon's human reviewers even if the user deletes the profile. Just to meet the needs of privacy-conscious users, Amazon recently introduced a new tool that allows you to delete Alexa voice searches. Here's how to use it.

Alexa novelty: delete voice searches

Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant, has entered the homes of many consumers, including Italians. To chat with it, all you have to do is pronounce voice commands: ask it to turn on a light bulb, make coffee, help you make a recipe or check your home thanks to the connection with security cameras. These searches remain in the device's memory. Many users have therefore complained about an absence of privacy. Last Wednesday, during the presentation of the new Echo Show 5, Amazon announced the new long-awaited feature, namely the opportunity to delete voice recordings on Alexa devices.

Ironically, to do this you need to say the following voice note: "Alexa, delete everything I said today". And all of a sudden the recording will be erased. This is important news, especially for all users who are particularly discerning and careful about their privacy, who have doubts about how Amazon uses sensitive data, even those spoken by voice.

Why did Amazon decide to launch the new feature?

The decision comes after several researches have raised doubts about Amazon's use of all the information provided by users. Others found that the device was recording private conversations that took place within the home. In April, Bloomerg revealed that some Amazon employees would overhear such personal dialogues and even mock them online.

Now, with the new feature, the company wants to quell general alarm and donate an additional guarantee of privacy and security. However, even this new feature has caused some discontent. In fact, through the voice command you can delete everything you have said up to 24 hours, but not from that moment on.