Amazon Echo in Italy: the devices available with Alexa

Amazon is also launching in Italy its list of smart products for the home with AI Alexa, here is in detail which devices we will be able to buy

Now that Alexa has arrived in Italy, users in the Belpaese will finally be able to test the Amazon Echo, the voice assistants for the smart home of the US e-commerce giant. What do the Amazon Echo do? First of all, they are hubs for home automation, thanks to which they manage the various smart devices and appliances that are now present in our homes.

Not only: thanks to the skills, voice applications developed specifically for Alexa and the Echo, users will be able to start playing music playlists, ask for updates on the latest news in Italy and the world, find out the weather forecast and much more.

Which Amazon Echos will arrive in Italy

It has been said that, at least initially, Amazon will not launch in Italy all the various smart home devices that it has already presented in other countries, the United States above all. However, there are several devices with integrated Alexa artificial intelligence that we will see arrive on the Italian market: from "smart" sockets to the classic Amazon Echo smart speaker. The devices that Amazon will release in this first phase in Italy will be six: some smart speakers, a kind of smart clock radio and power outlets that are controlled by smartphones. Let's see together in detail which Echo devices are available in Italy.

Availability Italy and Amazon Echo prices

The shipments of the various devices in Italy will start from October 30 2018 and during the first weeks there will be special discounts of 40% on the entire line, these are the prices already discounted: Echo Dot at 35.99 euros, Echo at 59.99 euros, Echo Plus at 89.99 euros, Echo Spot at 77.99 euros, Echo dot+ at 53.99 euros and Echo sub at 249.97 euros.

Amazon Echo

Let's start with Amazon's classic home smart speaker. The Echo model is equipped with seven long-range microphones that allow you to trigger smart searches by saying the keyword Alexa, from anywhere in a room. When Echo detects the word, the device's light ring turns blue and starts transmitting the request to the cloud, where it is processed by Alexa. To avoid misunderstandings, Echo features beamforming technology that combines signals from individual microphones, canceling out noise, reverberation, playing music and even conversations in the background, allowing Alexa to clearly understand the request, even if the user is in a noisy room. Not only actions with Alexa, with Echo we can also listen to streaming music directly from the most popular services such as Amazon Music, Spotify Premium, Deezer or stream the various channels of the most popular radio stations. But if we have a smartphone or tablet we can also listen to our music using the built-in Bluetooth. The Amazon speaker is available in different materials to fit the design of our home and also in different colors, light gray, melange and anthracite. The price is 99.99 euros.

Amazon Echo Plus

If we buy an Amazon voice assistant to manage our smart-home then Echo Plus is the device for us. This model, in fact, is equipped with a built-in hub to easily configure and control the various sensors for the Smart Home. In addition, Echo Plus has speakers with a higher quality of sound reproduction than the basic model. It also possesses a 76.2mm neodymium woofer and that makes the bass tones powerful and the mids and highs clear. The Amazon Echo Plus is available in light gray, melange and anthracite colors at a price of 149.99 euros. 

Amazon Echo Dot

The little one of the family is Amazon Echo Dot. This model is also Alexa-powered and uses the same long-range voice recognition as Echo. The built-in speaker lets you interact with Alexa and listen to our favorite music using streaming apps, or by directly connecting in our devices via Bluetooth or 3.5mm stereo cable. Echo Dot is also available in different fabrics that can be combined in colors by the users themselves. The cost is 59.99 euros.

Amazon Echo Spot

Similar to a desk alarm clock Echo Spot also has an integrated screen unlike the other devices listed so far. The size and visual angle of the screen make Echo Spot ideal for use on the office desk or bedside table at home. With this device we can do several things like turn on and off compatible smart lights, check what the weather is or what time it is, but also wake up with music, set reminders based on events in the calendar and so on. Thanks to the display we can also view the daily summary of news from news organizations such as Sky TG24, Ansa Videogiornale, RTL 102.5 Video Giornale Orario, Corriere della Sera with Dataroom by Milena Gabanelli or see movie trailers with the Skill of MyMovies. Echo Spot can also be used in the kitchen to set and view timers, to call friends and family who have an Echo device or interact with the Alexa App to  consult shopping lists or to-do lists. Available in black or white Echo Spot costs 129.99 euros.

Amazon Echo Sub

If we are true music lovers we will not be able to do without the playback qulity of Echo Sub. What is it about? Echo Sub is Echo's first wireless subwoofer for those who want to boost the bass when listening to music on various Echo devices. You can connect Echo Sub to compatible Echo devices to create a pairing for stereo audio. Looking at it, it looks like a designer stool for the living room. It is priced at 129.99 euros.

Amazon Smart Plug

Could a smart power outlet have been missing? Of course not. It must be said that the Smart Plug is nothing more than a Wi-Fi plug-in that uses the simple Wi-Fi installation offered by Alexa, facilitating the startup and expansion of the different Internet of Things objects that we use in the home. Some examples? Amazon Smart Plug allows you to control lights, fans, coffee maker and more using only your voice. But you can also use the Alexa app from a tablet or smartphone if we want to remotely manage items connected to the Amazon Smart Plug without using our voice. It can also set up routine tasks, such as turning the lights on at 8 p.m. and off at midnight every day. The cost? 29.99 euros.