How to stop Google from recording your voice searches

Google records voice searches and more. From your profile, you can delete all data and block Google from collecting information

We now trust Google with every question and curiosity that pops into our heads. We no longer just do a written search, but increasingly use voice searches. We use our voice to talk to the search engine, using interludes, pauses and phrasing questions in a casual way.

What not everyone knows is that the company records everything, voice and written searches, and has a database that is fed continuously. Such information is very valuable to advertisers: it allows them to better understand to whom and when to send a particular advertisement, and thus make it more effective. Few people know that it is possible to consult at any time the voice searches carried out with the Google Assistant using the "Your activities" page in your Google profile. From here you can also change your privacy settings to prevent Google from recording voice searches.

Vocal searches on Google: here's where to find yours

In your Google account there is a section called "My activities" where you can check both text and voice searches made on the search engine. The latter can also be listened to thanks to a special button. In short, the engine remembers and records everything. Even the day on which the search was made, the position and the application used, which can be Google Search, Youtube or one of the many services of Big G.

Listening to voice searches on Google is certainly fun, also because they are often made without thinking too much about the form, the accent or the selected terms. Many people ask Google where they can get a pizza nearby, and based on geolocation the engine is able to suggest the nearest places to eat. Or many ask Youtube to play a certain song and so on. It may happen that within the "My Activities" page are also collected some private voice messages sent to friends and relatives. Fortunately, there is a way to delete all recordings on Google.

How to block voice recordings from Google

To delete recordings you need to access the page, click on the menu icon on the left and follow this path: Activity Management > Voice and Audio Activity. From here you can access each individual search and delete it. You can also delete all searches and prevent Google from recording the next ones. In order to do the latter, you need to tick the checkbox next to the words "Voice and Audio Activity" in the Activity Management page.

Google does not recommend this kind of restriction, however, because each record and database allows you to offer the user personalized and targeted results, therefore able to satisfy him and not waste his time.