Bonus PC from 500 euros, the green light arrives: how to request it

A bonus of 500 euros for the purchase of internet services for ultra-wideband and for PCs and tablets. Here's how it works and who can request it

The green light from the European Commission has arrived to the so-called "internet and PC bonus" provided by the Government with the Decreto Rilancio. This is a fund of 200 million euros that aims to break down the digital divide that separates the various Italian regions and Italy itself from other European countries. But what is the PC bonus? It is a 500 euro voucher expendable for the purchase of internet services, PCs and tablets.

The confirmation comes from the Minister of Innovation and Digitalization Pisano who spoke about it in an interview with Corriere della Sera. The 500 euro bonus will be available after the summer and the Government will use this period that separates it from September to prepare all the implementing decrees and to explain well how it works. The PC bonus will have a maximum value of 500 euros and can only be requested by families with an ISEE of less than 20,000 euros. But on these requirements there is still a lot of confusion and it will be necessary to wait for the confirmation of the Government.

The measure is very important, especially to revive the country after the rubble produced by the pandemic and the forced closure. Equipping families with a fast connection and a device with which to connect could restart a minimum of consumption. But that's not all. Facilitate also the distance learning, especially in high schools.

What is and how does the Bonus PC from 500 euros

The Government has obtained the green light for the 200 million euro fund for the Bonus internet and PC. This is a new measure that will allow families with economic problems to equip themselves with a fast Internet connection and suitable tools to break down the digital divide, i.e. buy PC or tablet.

According to rumors, the Bonus internet and PC should be worth a maximum of 500 euros per family: 200 euros to be used for ultra broadband connection services and 300 euros for the purchase of PC or tablet. The incentive should be issued in the form of vouchers.

Who can apply for the Bonus internet and PC

The implementing decrees of the measure are not yet available, but from the rumors we can guess that the Bonus should be reserved for households with an ISEE less than 20,000 euros. But the requirement is still not very clear. The 200 euro bonus for ultra-wideband services could also be requested by families with a higher ISEE.