The Crown 4, when the new season of the Netflix TV series comes out

The Crown 4 will chronicle the life of Queen Elizabeth II from the 1970s through 1990. But we'll have to wait a little longer to enjoy the new season: here's when it arrives

Queen Elizabeth II has behind her the longest reign in England and, in many ways, also the most compelling. Her life is studded with important moments in the history of the country, for example during the Second World War she became the first woman of the royal family to serve the nation, joining the corps of the ATS (Territorial Auxiliary Service). In 1952 at only 26 years old she became Queen of England and from here she began to make history.

The Crown is the TV series that traces the events, relationships and most important episodes of her life and the Royal Family. The content is produced by Netflix and is available on the platform with the first three seasons. Now the audience is eagerly awaiting the arrival of The Crown 4 (the TV series has been renewed until the sixth season) But when is the new season of the TV series coming out? What will it tell and what are the new features of the cast? Let's try to answer all the questions for fans of this beautiful title weblog Netflix.

The Crown 4: plot and cast

The fourth season of the TV series will take us from the late 70s to 1990. The Queen will interface with two very important women both in her private life and in the history of the United Kingdom: we are talking about Margaret Thatcher (played by actress Gillian Anderson) and Princess Diana (role entrusted to Emma Corrin). We will then see the entry of Lady D. including the relationship with Charles and the Queen.

Gillian Anderson, already engaged in Sex Education, but that we have known especially for her starring role in the cult series X-Files, will enter the scene in 1979, the year in which Thatcher became Prime Minister and will be present throughout the fourth season.

Along with the new entries, in the cast we will find again some already known faces: Olivia Colman will be Queen Elizabeth II, Helena Bonham Carter will play again the role of Princess Margaret, Tobias Menzies will be Prince Philip. In addition to these we will find Josh O'Connor as Prince Charles, Erin Doherty as Princess Anne, Emerald Fennell will be Camilla Shand and finally Marion Bailey is the Queen Mother.

According to some rumors, the fourth season will also tell about a controversial event related to the Queen's life: on July 9, 1982 a stranger named Michael Fagan managed to sneak into Elizabeth II's room, causing terror and dismay in the royal family and British society. According to the source, Fagan should be played by actor Tom Brooke. In short, the long-awaited episodes of the TV series promises to be really interesting, between pieces of English history (which involved the whole world) and talented actors of the international scene. The only thing left to do is to ask: when will The Crown 4 be released?

The Crown 4: release date

According to the most reliable sources, we'll have to wait until the end of 2020 to enjoy the new episodes of The Crown, so exactly one year after the release of the third season. Fortunately, filming officially ended before the outbreak of the pandemic, so the release date is certain and will not be delayed. After the fourth season, then there will be two more, where the famous actress Imelda Staunton will arrive to play the sovereign in place of Olivia Colman.

How to watch The Crown in streaming

Those who still haven't seen The Crown, or want to see it again so as not to arrive unprepared for the new season, can access their Netflix profile and search for the TV series. After finding the dedicated tab, you can start streaming The Crown, deciding whether to watch all episodes or just some.