Buy at KM 0, what the new Instagram sticker means

Buy at KM 0 is the new Instagram sticker dedicated to businesses and customers returning to their favorite places. Here's how to use it

Facebook comes down alongside the many Italian SMEs hit hard by the economic crisis triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic. The company from Menlo Park has developed ad hoc tools to help small businesses, especially restaurants, pubs, bars to resume their activities regularly, respecting all the rules of social distancing. The new tools are already present within Facebook and Instagram and can be used in posts and Stories.

Many will have seen that in the last few hours has popped up within Instagram the new sticker "Buy KM 0": it is precisely one of the tools developed by Facebook. Users will be able to post a Story using the sticker, testifying their proximity to their favorite bar and showing that it is possible to return to old habits, respecting all the rules for social distancing. Facebook's initiatives don't end there: another sticker for Instagram Stories will arrive soon, which will allow users to order a dish directly from the app with delivery made by Deliveeroo or UberEats (in cities where they are present).

How the Buy at KM 0 sticker works on Instagram

The "Buy at KM 0" sticker is another Instagram initiative to testify its proximity to people and merchants. In previous weeks, the stickers "I'm staying at home" and "Thank you" had already been launched and now "Buy KM 0" is added. Users can use it while going to pick up the takeaway food ordered at their bar, pub or restaurant of choice to witness a partial recovery to life as usual.

How to activate the sticker "Buy KM 0"? Very simple: you log into Instagram, press on the Stories icon and take a new photo or choose one of those in the Gallery. During the customization phase, you must press on the stickers icon in the upper right corner and the first in the list will be just "Buy at KM 0". Once added, you can publish the photo.

All Instagram Stories with the sticker "Buy at KM 0" inside are grouped together and put at the beginning of the strip dedicated to timed images.

On Facebook, however, the hashtag #CompraKm0 has been launched, which collects all the posts created by SMEs and their customers.