Company and social presence: why it is important and how to manage it

Care for the company's social networks is a way to give visibility and consolidate the reputation of the brand online: how to manage them at best from Facebook to Google MyBusiness

Whether it's Facebook, Instagram or Google MyBusiness, the social profiles of a company must always be updated and well maintained. Today, social networks represent digital showcases that, if properly managed, allow to consolidate the reputation of the brand, expand the business and bring new customers.

The first step to take care of the social presence of a company is to identify the business objectives that you want to achieve in your marketing strategy, the channels to use and the type of content best suited to achieve the purpose. In fact, social networks represent a channel of direct communication with customers, both those already acquired that can be retained, and the pool of potential buyers interested in products or services offered by the brand. The company must make sure to have an effective management of social networks, in order to make the economic and resource investment required by the strategy pay off, and can do so by using a competent internal team or a professional social media manager, who can give advice and ensure the achievement of objectives and results.

Companies and social presence: how to set up the strategy

Setting up a multi-channel social strategy is a task that requires time and careful planning. The first step is to define the objectives and the target audience that you want to reach through social channels. This will allow you to identify which social network is best suited to attract a certain type of potential customers who are interested in the brand and correspond to a profiling based on the objectives of the business, as well as to retain those already acquired by making the company's online presence felt even after the conversion, that is, the sale of the product or service offered.

The company can then choose between different platforms including Facebook, Instagram and even Google MyBusiness. The other step is to design a communication plan with a well-defined editorial calendar, so as to plan the type of content and posts to be published, when to publish them and the tone of voice to be used to make the brand known and consolidate its online reputation. In addition, by analyzing the statistical data related to social media, it will be possible to improve the strategy in order to increase its effectiveness and maximize the results.

Social media management: internal team or social media manager?

The planning of the strategy for the effective management of social media can be entrusted to an internal team, which must have the right skills. It's important to know the dynamics of social networks and what tools and content are needed to achieve your goals, otherwise you run the risk of not getting the return you hoped for from your investment of money, time and resources in your company's social campaigns.

If your company doesn't have specialized staff, you can hire the services of a professional social media manager who can set up the strategy, correct it as you go along based on data and give advice on how to manage social media correctly to achieve your goals. Among the social consulting services there is also that of Italiaonline, which offers its customers a multi-platform system focused on Facebook, Instagram and Google MyBusiness, which can be managed from a single panel in a simple way, and allows to achieve results thanks to the advice of a social media expert available to the brand.