E’ stata la mano di Dio: dove guardare il nuovo di Sorrentino

After the debut in theaters, the new film by Paolo Sorrentino arrives also in streaming: where to see and when E' stata la mano di dio

Paolo Sorrentino returns with a new film this time autobiographical, personal and moving. E' stata la mano di Dio (It was the hand of God) tells the story of the life of a young man who must come to terms with the greatest pain: the loss of his parents. Just as happened to the director when he was just 16 years old.

It was the Hand of God has already won the Silver Lion at the 78th Venice International Film Festival and is now in the running for Best International Film at the Oscars 2022. Director and screenwriter Sorrentino, already Oscar winner for La Grande Bellezza, is abandoning Rome to return to his native Naples. It is precisely the Neapolitan city of the 1980s that serves as the stage for the life of Fabietto Schisa, the director's protagonist and alter ego, who goes from the happiness of seeing his football idol Diego Armando Maradona arrive in Naples to mourning the loss of his parents in Roccaraso. The film is a Netflix production and was released in Italian cinemas on November 24, but now it is preparing to arrive also in streaming on the platform.

It was the hand of God: the plot

Sorrentino's new film takes the audience on a journey that is full of contrasts, going from comedy to tragedy, through anecdotes and episodes of total absurdity and almost magic. The plot is definitely autobiographical and for this reason the most moving and personal of the films of the Neapolitan director and screenwriter.

The protagonist is Fabietto Schisa, a young Neapolitan who attends the classical high school and has no friends. His life is marked by his family: his father Saverio, his mother Maria, his brother Marchino and his sister Daniela, who is always locked in the bathroom.

Their life flows quietly and serenely between family lunches and dinners, which are disturbed by the madness of Aunt Patrizia and the bad temper of Mrs. Gentile. It's the eighties and a news upsets the Schisa family and Naples: the arrival of the footballer Diego Armando Maradona.

The life of Fabietto is shaken by the sudden death of his parents, for a carbon monoxide leak in Roccaraso: a real life episode for Sorrentino, who thus remained an orphan at 16 years old. To save him, "the hand of God": he had stayed in Naples to go and see Maradona, thus escaping the fate of his parents.

E' stata la mano di Dio: cast and awards

The protagonist of Sorrentino's new film is a young Filippo Scotti, who plays Fabietto Schisa, while his father Saverio is the actor Toni Servillo and his mother is played by Teresa Saponangelo. The brother Marchino is played by Marlon Joubert, while the aunt Patrizia is Luisa Ranieri.

The film E' stata la mano di Dio won in Venice  the Silver Lion - Grand Jury Prize at the International Film Festival, while Filippo Scotti received the Marcello Mastroianni Award. In addition, the film is among the nominees for the Oscar 2022 as Best International Film.

It was the Hand of God: where to see it

It was the Hand of God arrived in theaters on November 24 and is a Netflix production, which will also come streaming on the platform from December 15, 2021.