E3 2017: Fifa, Minecraft and Super Mario the most anticipated

E3, the international video game expo, is approaching and Facebook has analyzed data on user conversations to understand the most anticipated titles

The most anticipated video game expo of the year, namely the Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known simply as E3, is approaching its 2017 edition. The event will begin on June 13 in Los Angeles and will host the presentations of the most anticipated games of the year.

To understand which titles are generating more expectations among users, Facebook has collected data from the various conversations related to video games. In April alone, 36 million people worldwide have posted, liked, commented or shared content related to some particular games. The numbers recorded are very important and emphasize once again the importance of social even for a varied and complex world like that of video games.

The most anticipated video games of E3 2017

To involve more people than anyone else was Minecraft. The title exceeded one and a half million users reached on the social network for a total of almost four and a half million interactions (comments, shares, likes and posts). In second place we find Super Mario. The evergreen of Nintendo never goes out of fashion and on Facebook in the last month has reached almost two and a half million people for a total of three and a half million interactions. Fifa closes the podium with less than two million people reached and three and a half million interactions. While the most growing games in view of E3, or rather those that have had a peak of interest in relation to the event in Los Angeles, are: Call of Duty with more than three million interactions, followed by Star Wars: Battlefront with less than two million interactions, and finally The Legend of Zelda with less than one million interactions.

User Data

Very dense female presence within this topic as well. It's true that most of the conversation is driven by young men, but more than a third of the people talking about these games, and E3, are women. One-third of the people talking about them are over 35 years old. The main countries talking about E3 and PC/console games in the past month are: United States, Brazil, Mexico, England and Philippines