Tag Heuer: limited edition for Super Mario coming soon

The Tag Heuer Twitter profile has revealed a collaboration with Nintendo, the content of which will be revealed in a few days

The collaboration between Nintendo and Tag Heuer was camouflaged to the point of remaining off the radar of fans and well-informed, and for this reason it seemed surprising. The partnership between Super Mario and one of the world's best-known brands in terms of watches and luxury accessories was made official with a tweet on the official profile of Tag Heuer, then retweeted by Nintendo Europe.

The tweet of Tag Heuer is short and hermetic, certifying the intention of both companies to increase the expectation of fans for a surprising collaboration with an outcome not at all predictable or predictable. But the few characters that precede the most explanatory hashtags contain several references to Super Mario: "Coming Super Soon! Power-up on July 13th." The message - or perhaps it would be more appropriate to call it a teaser - contains a short video in which the Tag Heuer logo is flanked by that of Super Mario along with bright colors and a cheerful jingle that closely resembles those of the hero of Nintendo. No reference to the object of the collaboration, only the invitation to follow what will happen on Tuesday, July 13 and register on the site to stay updated.

Will it be a smartwatch?

It's likely that since Tag Heuer is involved it will be a limited edition watch for fans of the Nintendo saga, much more unlikely that it could be a smartwatch since Tag Heuer has nothing similar in the range.

The link to the Tag Heuer website attached to the tweet leads to a page of the portal where stands a countdown next to a red box with the two iconic styles. The date of July 15 is given, so one would think that by signing up online "for exclusive access to this limited edition" one gains the advantage of learning more two days in advance, so July 13 as written in the tweet.

The mysterious novelty will be available, as the site reports, within the official Tag Heuer website and in selected boutiques in the countries involved in the initiative, among which is Italy along with much of Europe.