IPhone 8, Touch ID will not be integrated in the back

The first images of how the iPhone 8 could be arrived: the rear camera will have two sensors placed vertically

We are still missing a couple of months before the official presentation of the iPhone 8 that should take place as usual in September (although the latest rumors speak of some delays by Apple in the manufacture of its latest top of the range).

Despite the uncertainties about the presentation date, the first images of some iPhone 8 prototypes are starting to circulate online. Apple is testing several samples before choosing the one that will be officially launched on the market: from the photos you can see how in terms of design the Cupertino company has remained faithful to the lines of the last smartphone, with slightly more curved edges. But the big news is in the screen of the iPhone 8: in addition to being OLED, it will occupy most of the front surface of the smartphone, as already seen in the Samsung Galaxy S in the LG G6.

Touch ID goodbye?

As announced in recent months, Apple will eliminate the home button from the smartphone. Some had speculated that Apple would place the fingerprint sensor at the back of the smartphone, but that probably won't be the case. In fact, the Cupertino company seems to have managed to integrate a fingerprint sensor directly under the screen, which will make it even easier to unlock the smartphone with your finger. A solution that could really change the entire industry.

The iPhone 8 rear camera

To keep up with its direct competitors, the iPhone 8 will have a dual rear camera. Compared to the iPhone 7 Plus, however, the sensors will be placed vertically, one below the other, with the LED flash in between. The two cameras are expected to integrate an augmented reality system that will provide content exclusive to iPhone 8 owners.

Wireless Charging

Among the many photos that have appeared lately are diagrams of what the iPhone 8 will look like. In the images of the back you can also notice a large circle placed in the middle: it is not the fingerprint reader, but the wireless charging.

Iphone 8 Features

As for the other features, the iPhone 8 should mount the 10-nanometer A11 SoC supported by 3GB of RAM. The battery is expected to be more powerful and the body is waterproof. As on the iPhone 7, the audio jack will not be present.